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Simple Ways To Stay Active Whilst Travelling

If you’re heading away on a long holiday and want to stay active during your time away, you’re in the right place! Whilst you want to be able to fully relax, it is good to stay active so you feel your best. It is also a great chance to enjoy the scenery when you get out and about. From packing the right things to walking where you can, planning small workouts and going site seeing, you can have the relaxing holiday you want whilst also staying active!

Pack Your Gymwear!

The first step in helping to stay active is to pack your gymwear! If you don’t take anything remotely comfortable with you, it’s very unlikely that you will have the motivation to get moving. So, make sure you pack some leggings, a gym crop tops and trainers, so that you have everything you need to get active whilst you’re away.

If you know there are other activities available on your holiday, you might want to pack accordingly. However, with your gym outfit, you should be all set!

Walk Wherever Possible

Our next tip to help you stay active is to walk wherever possible. This will save you money, but it will also mean you are able to get your steps in! If there is a shop nearby, walk instead of jumping in the car or taxi, walk down to the beach and walk to the local restaurants and bars. For those of you heading on a city break, avoid hop-on-hop-off buses where possible and instead, find the route online and walk part of it yourself! Before you go to get on public transport or into a taxi, just ask yourself if you could walk and you will feel better for it afterwards.

If you are on a holiday where you don’t necessarily have to walk much, like an all inclusive, make the effort to explore the local area by going for walks.

Set Up A Family/Friends Challenge

To get everyone involved, you could challenge the people you are on holiday with to some kind of challenge to help get everyone active. This could be all doing 15 laps of the pool each day, going for a 30 minute walk or going to see how many landmarks you can see by foot in a day. You’ll have a fun time and you’ll get moving!

Skip The Lift

Whilst on the topic of walking wherever you can, make sure you skip the lift! This might not be possible for everyone depending on what floor you are on, but you could get out of the lift a few floors early and climb the rest, or tell yourself that you will brave the stairs once a day. This is such a simple change that can really make a difference across the course of your holiday.

Make Use of The Space You Have

Next up, if you want to do specific workouts when you’re away, then just try to make use of the space you have. You could use space in your room, go to the beach, find a local park or look for a local gym if you really wanted to! Even if you just do a couple of workouts while you are away, it will get you moving and you will feel all the better for it afterwards.

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