It can be quite a challenge to access all the right travel data necessary to plan a successful trip. In the past, if travellers wanted anything other than an all-inclusive holiday package they were required to go directly to each and every airline and rail operator and compare the prices themselves – not exactly a stress free start to a holiday! But not anymore – the new travel search website is an innovative new multi-modal travel tool which allows holiday makers to search for and compare rates across a whole range of transportation modes. Users can find the best deals on the market whether they want to travel by plane, train, bus or car and we even search out the best options in and around the smallest towns and villages.


GoEuro helps users find the best modes of transportation for travel all the way across Europe. Be it a family vacation, weekend city break or longer backpacking holiday, it is easy to save time and money by using GoEuro. Most people will need to use more than one mode of transport during their travels and it can be especially hard to find the best offers for each one, particularly when dealing with travel operators in foreign countries where they have different systems and it might be hard to communicate. GoEuro has established contacts in all European countries, combining information from government run organisations with private companies to create a continent wide network – with GoEuro, there are no limits!

Sit back, relax and travel with ease this summer!

What makes GoEuro different?

We know how important it is to have everything planned right down to the last detail before setting off, but that can take weeks or months and a great deal of stress if it means sourcing all the information directly from travel companies themselves. But travelling should be an exciting prospect, there are so many new, inspiring destinations to discover throughout Europe! That’s why GoEuro has taken the approach of sourcing all their contacts and compiling every piece of data and combining it with the latest technology to make multi-modal travel an easy option. With GoEuro there is simply no stress – there is all the information necessary to make sure that users find the easiest way to get from A to B. The straightforward search tool means that travellers get the best deal whether travelling alone, as a family or as a larger group. Users can also see each leg of their journey in detail making it easy to create a detailed itinerary and leaving more time to concentrate on what exactly there is to see and do in each place!

Where to go in Europe this summer?

GoEuro gives travellers the ability and freedom to go absolutely anywhere in Europe – there’s something for everyone! And the best thing about travelling independently away from all-inclusive holidays is that it is possible to see whatever, whenever with no strings attached. For all those holiday makers who have been put off by the thought of uncertain travel arrangements when booking a trip, now could be the chance to visit an always dreamed of destination. Popular city breaks include shopping in Paris, taking in some culture in Rome or going to eat tapas in Madrid. Or further afield, you could find some undiscovered treasures in many eastern European cities. Summer often means sun, sea and sand and with better travel options even the lesser known seaside destinations are accessible – where better to relax away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life than a secluded beach somewhere immersed in a new culture. But summer doesn’t have to be quiet! There is a great selection of music festivals going on throughout Europe this summer, and with GoEuro you can even travel on a budget.