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Spending in Thailand: How To Budget The Dream Trip

For many, there are few more idyllic places than Thailand. A bucket list regular, it’s breathtaking scenery, jaw-dropping mountain ranges and pure blue sea is simply stunning. Yet, for many it seems more of a dream than a reality. But it really doesn’t have to be, a dream trip can be just a little bit of budgeting away.

Booking Flights

Naturally, first things first is booking the trip. It’s certainly the most expensive aspect of booking a Thai adventure and will generally set you back from $400+ from both Europe and the USA. That may well take some saving or require a credit card to book, paying off in the build up to your travel.

It is always recommended to book flights via credit card, as there are a number of perks you can get through booking travel as well as have you better covered should anything happen.  You can find out more about that here, with some of the best credit cards to book a trip to Thailand, with flights certainly the biggest expense you need to think about.

Travelling Through Hostels

Accommodation will be much cheaper than booking your flights and it can be fairly flexible. You can generally pick up a hostel for around $15 per night. It’s always worth having a general idea of where you will be and when, booking places to stay for set days and then being flexible from there. You’ll find booking everything in advance will save you money, but you never know where you’ll make new friends and where an adventure may take you.

If this is a route you’re planning to take then carrying local currency is a must as many smaller hostels won’t accept card payments. Of course, if you’re thinking something a little more luxurious, then it’s always advisable to book in advance and you may be spending as much as you would on flights.

Spending Money

Knowing how much to budget is always useful, particularly if it’s going to be a case of a heavy savings session before travelling. For the most part, backpackers can generally get by on around $30 per day, with the standard price of a cheap meal coming in at around a couple of dollars and a local priced at around $2.

Travelling around in the country is also cheap, with local transport generally costing under a dollar and monthly passes at around $30 if planning a longer trip. Budgeting for excursions will add to your trip. Boat trips can set you back around the $50 mark, while a trip to the Bridge over the River Kwai and taking the Thailand-Burma train will cost around the same. Again, booking in advance can often work out a little cheaper and it will also allow you to plan your trip a little more, designating certain aspects of your time and budgets to certain days.

For the most part, you will find Thailand a relatively cheap place to visit. What you spend on flights, you’ll generally save on food, drink and getting around in the country compared to elsewhere. With so much going on, you really should make something that may have once only appeared a dream, a good and proper reality.

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