Are you getting ready to move to a new part of the country? You may be moving on account of getting a new job. You may need to do so as part of your military service. Whatever the reason may be, you may wish to bring your car along. Here is a step-by-step guide that will show you how to ship your car cross country.

Step 1: Consider the Options That You Have Available

One of the first questions that you should be asking is, “How much does it cost to ship a car?.” This is a question that can be answered with a quick price check on the web. Comparison shopping will give you the answers that you need to consider whether or not this is a good move. It will also help you to decide if you have other options that may cost less time, energy, and money.

Step by Step of Getting Your Car Shipped Cross Country

Step 2: Do Some Price Comparing on the Web

As noted above, now is the time to do some serious price comparison shopping on the web. There are plenty of vendors who will be happy to offer car shipping services. Like snowflakes, it usually happens that no two offers are the same. The companies offer different services with different prices for what they do.

It may also be the case that they will require you to bring your car several days before shipping or right when you are ready to ship it. They may have widely disparate service packages with lots of features but hardly one of them in common. This is one of the reasons why you really need to do your homework.

Step 3: Choose a Company to Ship Your Car

The next and main stage of cross country car shipping will be to choose the company that will actually ship your car. This can be done using the price comparison method outlined above. Once you have compared prices and shipping options, you can sign a deal. This is a decision you should only make after a lot of careful thought.

Step by Step of Getting Your Car Shipped Cross Country

It’s a very good idea to get every aspect of the deal in writing. Some car shipping companies will only offer a basic “one size fits all” package to every customer. Instead of settling for this, you should insist on some customization. You can seal the deal by making sure that these elements are covered in writing.

Step 4: Prepare Your Car to Be Picked Up

Once you have signed on the dotted line, you will need to get your car ready to be picked up. You will first need to make sure that your car is ready to drive. Top off all of your fluids, such as brake fluid, antifreeze, oil, and the like. You should also check your tires as well as the current status of your battery.

From there, you can go on to test your emergency brake. Most car shipping firms won’t accept your car if it isn’t in good condition. You should then make sure that your gas tank is about one quarter full. This is because the more gas there is in your tank, the heavier it is. This will make your car more costly to ship.

Step 5: Check Your Car for Damage Upon Delivery

The last thing you will need to do after your car has been delivered will be to check it for damage. This isn’t likely to happen. Most car shipping companies have very strict procedures and high shipping standards.

Step by Step of Getting Your Car Shipped Cross Country

Any damage that does occur will be described on a document called a bill of lading. If there is any damage, you need to take photos of it. This will prevent the shipping company from claiming that it wasn’t their fault.

It’s Time to Get Your Car Shipped

You need to have your car waiting for you when you get to your destination. This is a crucial matter that needs to be resolved and prepared for well in advance. Now that you know the steps you need to take, you can get right to making a deal. The time is now to make sure the deal you make is best for your needs.