The word “Skyscraper” was originally a natural term that referred to a small triangular sail that was set over the skysail on a sailing ship. It was first used to describe the tall buildings that came up in the 19th century in the American cities of Chicago and New York.

The first skyscraper building that exceed 300 m was Chrysler Building and it was 319 m and was built 1930. Today the tallest building is The Burj Khalifa in Dubai. It’s height is 828 m.

There are only 4 cities in the world that has more than 5 skyscraper buildings exceeding 300 m, so called super-tall skyscrapers. Those cities are Dubai, Honk Kong, Chicago and New York City.

In the sequel of this article you can also see a timeline of evolution of the skyscrapers in the world during the years.

With a help of Window and Door Guys today i can share you this incredible infographic when you can learn more facts and info about the skyscrapers now and in the past.

Learn More About Super Tall Skyscrapers in the World

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