best places for summer vacation

Tropical Idyll in Mozambique

There are more destinations known for its poor political and economic conditions, but with tremendous speed they become world famous… Read More

Crimea – An Unusual Summer Destination

If you are boring of standard holiday destinations and everything else offered by tourist agencies, also has sufficient financial resources… Read More

Hvar – Destination to Escape From the Reality

For pearls of the Croatian coast have been undoubtedly considered the islands which causing huge interest among tourists. Region of… Read More

Hamilton Pool Preserve – Impressive Natural Paradise

Do you think that pools, spas and spa baths are human inventions? If your answer is positive, you are wrong.… Read More

Galapagos Islands – Evidence Of the Evolution of The World

There are places on earth that can disappear before you get a chance to visit. The irony is that most… Read More

Vanuatu – Volcanic Paradise on Earth

If you decide to go on a trip, it is very important those vacation days  to have a nice time.… Read More

Aruba – a Beautiful Small Island with a Dutch Flavor

There are always a lot of perfectly good reasons to choose the Caribbean for your next holiday. But, the Caribbean… Read More

Cozumel – Island Passion

Our planet has a large number of destinations that receive the description "paradise on earth". But, it is a matter… Read More

Visit Belize – the Unforgettable Place for Diving

Why choosing holiday destinations must revolve around the same places that we have visited so many times? We continue to… Read More

Mystique Island – Place For Famous People With Deep Pockets

Rich and famous people are always connected with money and luxury. They enjoy the prestige and have everything they want… Read More

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