The 4 Best Travel Backpacks For 2022

What are the best travel backpacks? This is a question that all travelers ask ourselves before embarking on a trip and although the choice may seem easy, we assure you that since there are so many models, the choice of luggage for a new adventure, in which we need to carry little luggage and go light, It can be a headache.

That is why after many years traveling, during which we have been combining the suitcase for the longest trips and the backpacks for the shorter ones or those that we will need to move a lot in public transport, we wanted to leave you a selection of which are the best. options as well as some details to consider before buying.

To choose the best travel backpack, the first criterion on which we have relied is on comfort, taking into account that above all the weight is equally distributed and it grips well on the back, so as not to suffer pain later.

The 4 Best Travel Backpacks For 2022

Other aspects that we have taken into account are that its interior organization is accessible and allows you to separate your belongings with different compartments, that it is waterproof, that it has a good quality / price ratio and finally one that has an attractive design.

For your part, the choice of the backpack will depend on the type of trip you want to do, since a backpack to travel through Southeast Asia for 3 months is not the same as one for a few days getaway in which you will not need or check in.

The 4 Best Travel Backpacks For 2022

Based on our experience and after making this guide to the best travel bags, we leave you this list with what we believe are the 4 best backpacks to travel in 2022 that you can buy from China easily. We started!

Osprey Farpoint

One of the favorite brands among top 4 is Osprey Farpoint that is available in multiple liters including 40, 55, 70 or 80 liters.

This ultra light backpack is perfect for both short and long trips, having a high storage capacity, excellent suspension and grip on the back and waist, interior and exterior pockets, total opening that allows you to easily access all your luggage, in addition to including a small backpack for day-to-day travel.

Deuter Futura Vario

The Deuter Futura Vario 50 + 10 is one of the most comfortable and spacious travel backpacks. Some of its great advantages are that it has the Air comfort Sensic mesh system that allows optimal ventilation and breathability on the back, straps that automatically adjust to the shoulders and flexible fins for the hips that distribute weight and mitigate effort , a front opening that allows quick access to all your belongings and the inclusion of a special rain cover.

Osprey Fairview

If you are looking for one of the best travel backpacks for women of 2022 we recommend you look at the Osprey Fairview. This travel backpack for women is all you need which will surely meet your standard. Low weight and beautifully designed, this backpack has all the necessary features to fully enjoy the trip, such as a comfortable fit that adapts to your body, a very resistant fabric that lengthens its durability, functional exterior and interior pockets, storable shoulder straps and lumbar belt.

In case of check-in, in addition to including a small backpack for day trips. Among the different sizes, you can choose the 40-liter one if you don’t want to check-in since it complies with the measurements of the vast majority of airlines in Europe and the world.

Lixada, one of the best travel backpacks

If you are looking for a cheaper backpack to travel without losing much quality, you can opt for the Lixada which for a price of around 40 euros offers great performance. Made of waterproof and tear-resistant nylon, this large capacity backpack has different compartments to optimally organize your luggage, a ventilated back panel with padded straps that reduce pressure on men and adjustable to different sizes, exterior pockets and a waterproof cover.

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