The mobile food industry in the USA shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, food trucks are more popular than ever before.

But where can foodies and travelers find the best street cuisine in the USA? The researchers from Zen Business decided to find out. Using data collected from review site Yelp, they put together some food truck maps of every US state and city.

And they’ve added some tips for anyone who wants to swap the boring desk job for a life on the road as a food truck owner.

The Best Food Truck in Every US City

Best food truck in every state

Food truck connoisseurs in the USA can’t get enough of those Mexican flavors. It’s the favorite type of food truck cuisine in 13 US states, including Florida and Colorado.

Anyone touring Washington, Alabama, or Kansas will spot plenty of food trucks serving up classic American treats. Burgers and hotdog trucks dominate the mobile food industry in these states.

Foodies in Maine have more exotic tastes. The number one type of food truck in the Pine Tree State serves up Korean dishes.

Wyoming’s favorite food truck is Nipa Hut, a Filipino street food specialist.

The Best Food Truck in Every US City

The USA’s top 10 food truck

Los California Tacos is the best food truck in the USA, according to Yelp reviewers. Owners Victor and Juan Garcia have been dishing out tacos in LA county streets since 1979!

It’s not the only highly rated food truck based in the Golden State. Another two Cali food trucks appear in the top 10 list. They’re Asian fusion joint The Burnt Truck (5th) and another Mexican street food vendor, Phatties (10th).

The Best Food Truck in Every US City

Houston-based taco truck Taco Tierra Caliente takes the second spot. Texan burger truck LA Burger is third, followed by Chick N’Bros in fourth.

Chick N’Bros is famous for its Friday Fire Challenge. Give it a go if you’re ever down in Texas. You’ll get your meal for free if you can finish the hot wings and fire fries within the set time limit. But there’s no soda allowed. So good luck!

Octopus Falafel Truck is a surprise entry. Located in Philadelphia, America’s 9th favorite food truck doesn’t even serve cheesesteaks. Instead, it specializes in Mediterranean chicken, seafood, and falafel wraps.

Food trucks in the US by Cuisine

US street food is as diverse as its people.

In every state and city across the US, you’ll see mobile chefs cooking Chinese, Middle Eastern, Indian, Japanese, and good old-fashioned soul food.

The Best Food Truck in Every US City

And there are plenty of trucks catering to those with a sweet tooth. Bigfoot’s Little Donuts truck in Huntsville, Alabama, has a wide selection of indulgent treats, including its signature donut – the FlufferNutter. It’s a peanut butter marshmallow donut drizzled with butter caramel. Yum yum!

How to start your own food truck business

Have you ever wanted to combine your love of travel with your dream of being your own boss? Then why not start your own food truck business?

It’s not as hard as you think. All you need to do is copy the recipe for success. You can find that in the graphic below. It includes five of the best tips from successful food truck founders.

Now what are you waiting for? Let’s get on the road and go trucking and cooking!

The Best Food Truck in Every US City