Experiencing the best of Koh Samui is a very difficult and demanding mission as this is the most popular island in the Gulf of Thailand, described by many as a very beautiful and unique piece of paradise. There are so many fabulous things here- the beaches, bays, villages and tourist strips are all just a part of its beauty and charm. No matter if you want to relax under the sun, discover its tropical forests or explore its nightlife, Koh Samui covers it all.


If you are dreaming at the perfect luxury holiday at a modern villa with an infinity pool then Koh Samui is the right island for you. This tourist destination has become the ultimate pool vila central, featuring some of the most extravagant accommodation units in Koh Samui. These luxury villas have the best views in the world thanks to their panoramic architecture and exotic garden landscapes. Furthermore, most of them come with spas, gyms and private beaches and are equipped with state of the art electronics and appliances. The goal here is to offer the intimacy you would have back home, plus the luxury of a 5 stars hotel.

The Best of Koh Samui

Image by Chi King via Flickr

The Best of Koh Samui

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Koh Samui has a restaurant for each taste. It doesn’t matter if you want to eat something Thai and experience the local savors or indulge yourself with some expensive fine cuisine; there are numerous restaurants or beach snack bars that offer a very diverse menu with numerous delicious foods, for all budgets.

The Best of Koh Samui

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Are you looking to party on a beach club or are more into an upscale lounge experience? Relax! Koh Samui has it all. There’s fusion food, cocktails, great views and vibrant music here, inviting you to dance and have fun all night long.

The Best of Koh Samui

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For the adventurous type, the island offers numerous possibilities. Have you tried kiteboarding? It is truly unique. Professional kiteboarders use wind and waves to perform spectacular stunts. Koh Samui is one of the few destinations in Thailand that has the right wind conditions for this watersport. And what about island hopping? The uninhabited islands of Ang Thong National Marine Park can be visited in just one day trip and are perfect for snorkeling, diving, kayaking or relaxing on the beach. Next, there is golf. Indeed, there’s not that much adventure here, but it is a great and refined way of spending your time. There are a few golf clubs that offer some really gorgeous views. And let’s not forget sailing.  You can charter a sailboat or opt for a group tour to explore the beautiful blue waters of the Gulf of Thailand.

The Best of Koh Samui

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The Best of Koh Samui

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Koh Samui is famous for its spa services. Most people can’t imagine a vacation on a paradise beach without a way of indulging themselves with a luxurious spa session. One of the best options here is Tamarind Springs which is a one of a kind forest spa concept. You can plunge into the pool and savor the mix of steam infused herbs coming from its cave which stimulate your blood circulation, cleanse your body and improves breathing.

The Best of Koh Samui

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