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The biggest perks of living in Manhattan

When you mention New York City, you probably visualize Manhattan. And it is understandable – Manhattan is the pinnacle of NYC. It’s the financial, cultural, and entertainment capital of the world. On the other hand, it is far from inexpensive, but it does have numerous perks. And the biggest perks of living in Manhattan are what we want to talk about in this article. So, here’s why you should choose Manhattan as a new home instead of other NY boroughs if you are planning to move to the Big Apple.

Getting around is easy

As you probably know, navigating through big cities can be stressful and time-consuming. Well, that is not the case in Manhattan. Here, you don’t have to drive anywhere if you don’t want to. Since public transportation is so well-developed, efficient, and affordable, almost everyone uses it. At the same time, you have taxis and Ubers if you want to travel more comfortably. If you have to move through New York, Manhattan, or even outside of the city, use the buses, metro, or train. They are always on time, and they are also fast.

Job opportunities

If you are thinking about whether moving to Manhattan is a wise professional move, we can tell you that this borough has many good sides when it comes to jobs. Manhattan is considered the entrepreneurial center of America and is flourishing across many industries. For example, fashion, journalism, finance, advertising, marketing, technology, and sports. In a word, Manhattan has everything for everyone. However, if you intend to relocate here, be sure to have secured employment. Life in Manhattan can be pretty expensive, and if you don’t have a stable income, it can become burdensome, especially when it comes to housing.

It breathes history and culture

In Manhattan, history and culture surround you at every step. There are plenty of world-famous museums and buildings that will amaze you. For instance, you have the American Museum of Natural History. Also, the Morgan Library and Museum, which houses medieval artworks and historical manuscripts. Here, you will also find the marked-up manuscript of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dikens and The Little Prince artwork made by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. And the best part about visiting museums in Manhattan is that they have cheap admission. The price of a ticket is usually under $20, and you get to see some of the best museums there are in New York. In addition, most of them are within walking distance, so they are affordable and accessible.

Manhattan is full of art

Manhattan can easily be called the Mecca for art lovers. It boasts several art museums, galleries, music halls, and other attractions. To give just a few examples, you have the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Frick Museum, and the Museum of Modern Art. In addition, there are lots of events happening all the time, and some of them are even free. For instance, there are gallery openings with free drinks and snacks, free live concerts, and performances by street artists. So, if you are trying to put some money aside while living in Manhattan, you can still have plenty of fun and entertainment.

If we managed to pique your interest in moving to The City, make sure to follow the advice of experts from Heart Moving, and ask for multiple quotes before choosing your mover. Life in Manhattan can be expensive, so you should try to find the best deals that can help you save some money.

Multiculturalism and diversity define Manhattan

Diversity and multiculturalism are two of the biggest perks of living in Manhattan. And if you are wondering just how diverse Manhattan can be, you can expect to hear more than 200 languages here. Furthermore, the ethnicities are so diversified that you can meet people from all around the globe. Asians, Europeans, Hispanics, South Americans, and hundreds of others have found a home in Manhattan. And thanks to them, the cultural, culinary, art, and entertainment scenes are just as diverse.

The food will leave your mouth watering

New York is one of the best food tour cities in the world. But what many might not know is that Manhattan houses most of the restaurants and eateries that are so famous. Plus, if you want to eat something different every day for a year in Manhattan, you can achieve your goal with ease. You have at least 30 nations to visit in terms of cuisine, from India to Jamaica, Algeria or Armenia, Cambodia or Greece. Not to mention the renowned Italian and French restaurants that are very popular among Manhattanites. Furthermore, you are never more than 30 minutes away from a world-famous restaurant while you are in Manhattan. It is no surprise when you consider the area’s 68 Michelin-starred eateries.

However, not all food is expensive in Manhattan, which is one of the biggest perks of living here. Even though the local average is $45 for a restaurant meal, you can always grab a slice of pizza for just one dollar.

Fashion is Manhattan’s second name

If you love fashion but don’t have the budget for trips to Milan and Paris, come to Manhattan. The fashion scene here is always on the move, and something interesting is happening all the time. Often, fashion shows, red carpet galas, and other such events are on the agenda. Furthermore, if you like to wear famous brands and love shopping, Manhattan is your paradise. There are many clothing shops, boutiques, and malls where you can go on a shopping spree to satisfy your fashion cravings. And, if you are wondering what style Manhattanites prefer, the answer is whatever suits them. You will see them dressed fancy and fashionable as well as comfortable and casual. So, don’t worry about not being able to blend in.

Final thoughts

If you were wondering what the biggest perks of living in Manhattan are, now you know the answer. Manhattan should be your new home if you love fashion, art, culture, history, food, or diversity. So, pack your bags now and come here to experience all of it first-hand.

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