The Most Haunted Houses in America

Once a year, on Halloween, people love to dress up as ghosts and other monsters to indulge in the holiday spirit. Some people even set up terrifying haunted houses to test the greatest thrill-seekers. Then, these houses lose their ghostly spirits after October 31st.

However, some houses stay haunted all year round. In this post, you’ll discover the most haunted homes in America. From urban legends to unexplainable phenomena, here are some dwellings only the bravest dare to enter.

1) The Winchester House

Whenever you think of the Bay Area, you probably picture massive tech companies, Alcatraz island, delicious food, and the Golden Gate Bridge. However, the region is no stranger to weird sensations. There have been numerous instances of murderous scandals and haunted experiences in hotels throughout each corner of the Bay.

The Most Haunted Houses in America

US Ghost Adventures, a company that offers ghost tours across the country, states that the Bay Area is crawling with a haunted history. The Winchester House is perhaps one of the most famous haunted homes in the United States.

Sarah Winchester built the home sometime around the late 1800s. She was the widow of the late William Winchester, creator of Winchester rifles. After dealing with the loss of her daughter and husband, a medium suggested that she construct a massive home to protect her from spirits.

The Most Haunted Houses in America

With dead-ends and staircases leading nowhere throughout the property, it’s quite a spooky experience. It’s also officially declared haunted by the U.S Department of Commerce.

2) The White House

As if being president isn’t already a stressful gig, now imagine having to live in a haunted house during your term. There have been numerous reports of strange voices, noises, and vibes throughout the White House.

The Most Haunted Houses in America

The most recognized spirit seems to be the ghost of the late president, Abraham Lincoln. Several inhabitants claim to have seen Lincoln’s top hate floating around and even smoking a cigar. Other people claim that they heard Thomas Jefferson playing the violin in the yellow oval room.

The Most Haunted Houses in America

Although the spirits don’t seem to have insidious plans, it’s still spooky, to say the least.

3) The Lalaurie Mansion

New Orleans is famous for a lot of things. Mardi Gras, live music, and an incredibly vibrant nightlife. However, the Lalaurie isn’t a novelty haunted house. It’s one of the scariest and sinister properties in the French Quarter.

The Most Haunted Houses in America

Reading Tom, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Built by a wealthy socialite, Madame Delphine LaLaurie, she sadistically tortured many slaves in the home’s attic. Today, she’s infamous as one of the most terrifying serial killers in American history. Her methods of fulfilling her sinister tendencies are so gruesome that they can give you nightmares just thinking about it.

People have reported hearing violent screams coming from the home, and others report seeing spirits walking on balconies.

The Most Haunted Houses in America

Dropd, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Numerous locals claim that people have run into the home to seek a hiding place, never to come out again. While that’s never been verifiable by local law enforcement, it’s still scary enough to prevent anyone from going inside.

Wrapping Up

America is a nation known to have several haunted houses throughout its lands. However, only a select few have numerous reports of paranormal activity. All three homes above are what many consider to be the most haunted properties in America.

While haunted houses can be an exciting thing to explore, it’s wise to never enter a property without permission or guidance for your safety. If you’re genuinely seeking a haunted thrill, it’s best to pair yourself with a ghost tour company.

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