If you’re lucky enough to take a trip to London sometime soon, you’ll find a beautiful city filled with the hallmarks of history. The English capital since the 12th century, its streets have seen dynasties rise and fall, kingdoms made and lost, bloodshed and violence, love and triumph, and much more.

With so much history behind it, it’s little wonder that certain parts of the city are believed to be haunted, which makes it a perfect place to visit for those with an abiding interest in the spooky and supernatural.

The Most Haunted Places in London to Visit This Year

If you’re hoping to stop at some of its most chilling spots, here are three fantastic attractions to add to your itinerary.

The Tower of London

The rumoured home of many spectral residents, the stories surrounding the haunted happenings of the Tower of London are numerous and fascinating. This is largely because some of history’s most famous and tragic figures ended their days here, from Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard through to the mad King Edward V, and legend has it they’ve never left. If you’re lucky, you might even spot one of them for yourself… For those with a firm belief in all things spiritual, the Tower of London represents a stronghold of all things otherworldly. It’s no surprise that Readers and Clairvoyants have established themselves in the surrounding area, drawing on the mysterious happenings of the Tower. These supernatural services reinforce our fascination with all things spiritual, which are more accessible than ever these days. With psychic readings now available online, anyone can find clarity and educate themselves on spirituality before venturing out to visit these locations.

The Most Haunted Places in London to Visit This Year

Hampton Court Palace

While two wives of Henry VIII are meant to haunt the Tower of London, trapped there by their tragic histories, another two are said to frequent the ancient Hampton Court Palace. According to legend, both the ill-fated Jane Seymour and sad Catherine Howard grace the halls of this ancient royal stronghold, along with Sybil Penn, a man who served four different Tudor monarchs. Not only do many claim to have seen them, with reports of spectral sightings dating back hundreds of years, but a mysterious figure was even caught on CCTV in more recent times, opening and shutting fire doors and causing much mischief!

The Most Haunted Places in London to Visit This Year

The Theatre Royal

Every good theatre has its tales of hauntings, perhaps due to the theatrical tendencies of those who tread their boards. In the case of the Theatre Royal, the most famous is a mysterious figure known as the Man in Grey, while the most frightening are the ghosts of two former clowns who must once have walked its hallowed halls. What’s interesting about these tales is that it’s not only one person or even a handful who’ve reported seeing these scary apparitions, but dozens of different individuals over the years. While their lives and deaths remain a mystery, one thing that can be said for certain is that each of these shady characters seems inextricably drawn to the stage. Will you be fortunate enough to witness one of their phantasmal performances for yourself?

The Most Haunted Places in London to Visit This Year

Elisa.rolle / CC BY-SA

When it comes to exploring the ancient streets of London, almost everywhere you walk would have tales to tell if only it could talk. Why not visit these three fascinating attractions for yourself to see what you can spot?