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The Newest Kitchen Trends for 2020 – Brighten it up!

Have you ever thought of upgrading your kitchen’s appearance? Don’t be left out with these newest kitchen trends 2020 that will leave the heart of your house a breathtaking place to be — enough of the old kitchen that you’ve been used to until it has become somehow dull. Just a little touch of design inspiration and advanced kitchen tools will be able to give it a brand new look. Here are some of the top trends for 2020 that you can apply to give your kitchen a brand new look.

Removable Wallpaper

It is not something you would want to miss out on. These removable wallpapers will give your kitchen a great appearance and texture, making the place livelier. The good thing about these wallpapers is that you can apply them on your own and remove them when you get tired of them. Once a given kitchen color trends end, then you quickly shift to another color.

Photo by Calvis Wyant Luxury Homes

Colorful Cabinets

White has always been the color for your kitchen cabinets, how about you try a different color? The kitchen color trends for 2020 are green so that you can paint your cabinets green. There are different shades of green, and depending on what you feel appealing, you can apply it this year and see the transformation it will bring in your kitchen.

Photo by Carole Hunter Home Design

Let’s Go Dark!

Black has always been known as a cold color, but the perception is changing rapidly. Applying black in your kitchen or dark brown or even a grey color will make it more inviting and giving it some tone of professionalism. Blending black in the kitchen with green cabinets creates a perfect color combination. It might just be one of the kitchen trends that will last the longest!

Photo by Leicht Westchester-Greenwich

Kitchen Islands

It is one of the newest kitchen trends in 2020 that is rapidly picking up. Nonetheless, kitchen islands can only work for large and spacious kitchens. These islands come in various forms. You can have the waterfall island, which runs from the top of the counter. There is a double island model, which creates a lot of luxury in the kitchen when space is no issue for you. A central island, on the other hand, can allow you to rotate comfortably around it. It can be a perfect family reunion place. Kitchen islands are best if they are made using stainless steel or laminated aluminum. Using wood maybe be a bad idea unless you’re ready to oil the place as frequently as possible.

Photo by D&G Construction and Remodels

Open Shelving

As upper cabinetry is slowly coming down, opening shelving is gradually picking up and becoming the norm of the day. This kitchen trend allows for more windows and aeration since there are fewer objects up. The only challenge with open shelving is that it will require one to invest a lot in some good looking cookware and utensils. The display should be classic since it is an open view to all those in the dinning.

Photo by Solitude Homes

Modern White Kitchen

White color is suitable for those small kitchens since it creates an impression of some big space. White color brings a great visual effect to your kitchen. It also improves the lighting in your kitchen, making it brighter. White kitchen color trends are the way to go in 2020 since it will also give the impression of some essence of cleanliness. Using white alone in the kitchen can be too monotonous and cold. The advantage it has, however, is that it can blend with any color to create a perfect combination for your kitchen.

Photo by Stone Center

Marble-Clad Surfaces

Marble surfaces are super smooth with wonderful texture. They can handle any wear and tear and are quite strong and durable. You can use them as chopping surfaces for your groceries. They are easy to clean since they don’t require much scrubbing. Marble-clad covers are very fashionable and convenient for all time use in the kitchen. It is probably a kitchen trend that will last for quite a while.

Photo by Lane Williams Architects

Handle Fewer Cabinets

With the advancement of technology, most doors are nowadays created with machines that detect when a person is coming and opens up, no need for handles. Cabinets are picking up with these trends too. Well, for kitchen cabinets, it’s more of ‘push to open’ instead of sensory technologies. If you can’t do without handles, then they create them with a similar sleek look as the cabinet but with contrasting colors.

Photo by Chantel Elshout Design Consultancy


In summary, kitchen trends are essential, and you should always work towards improving the appearance of your kitchen since this is the heart of your home. Getting used to the same old kitchen can be annoying, pick up with these newest kitchen trends in 2020, and try incorporating those that you feel are appealing to you. That pleasant feel will make you want to spend more time in your kitchen and do your culinary duties with lots of passion.

What are some of the trends that you don’t want to be left out? Drop a comment!

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Elizabeth Barlettah is an interior designer that adores smart kitchen gadgets. She is a mother of two teenage girls, and she showed them how to use all the kitchen appliances. Elizabeth is passionately following all the tech news and trying to apply them in real life and writes about them at MyKitchenAdvisor.

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