Summer vacation is around the corner, and you couldn’t be happier. You can’t wait to reach your destination and start enjoying every moment. If you want to maximize your vacation experience, packing everything you need is imperative.

The art of packing isn’t easy to master. You don’t want to carry oversized bags; you only need essentials. But how to decide what falls into that category? Expert travelers shared their five-step packing list for a summer vacation. Here’s how to get ready for the upcoming trip!

Cute Casual Outfits

You’ll begin with clothing essentials. Experienced travelers suggest your focus should be on casual and cute outfits. So start with the basics like underwear, pajamas, etc. Don’t forget extra socks if you plan on hiking for hours.

The Ultimate 5-Step Packing List for Your Upcoming Vacation

The foundation of a casual outfit is a T-shirt. You want top-quality and comfortable T-shirts. Pick different colors and go with vivid summer patterns, although the latter depends on your style. Shorts or linen pants are an excellent choice for the summer, while ladies should focus on comfortable dresses and skirts.

It is summer, and you are on vacation, so there’s nothing wrong with looking casual. Picking light tones and colorful patterns will make your clothing look cute and stylish. Don’t over-pack your bag or suitcase. Traveling lighter will make moving around easier!

A Good Hat for Sun Protection

Most people enjoy spending time in the sun, and it’s the main reason why we love summer vacations. But sunlight is also our big enemy, so you need to consider UV protection. A good hat is an integral element of protecting your head from sunlight.

The Ultimate 5-Step Packing List for Your Upcoming Vacation

But what hat type is the best choice for the summer? You can go with baseball caps if you pick a sporty outfit. However, a wide brim hat offers a higher protection level. Furthermore, it ensures you look stylish and boosts any clothing combination. Imagine yourself in a linen T-shirt with cool shorts and shoes. The only thing missing from that combination would be accessories, and a hat is an ideal place to start. While black fits all other colors, experts recommend lighter shades for the summer.

Perfect Sunglasses

Do you want to look cool during your summer vacation? If the answer is yes, finding the perfect sunglasses should be a top priority!

It doesn’t matter if you are male or female. Even your age is irrelevant since sunglasses will boost both your appearance and confidence. But it’s not only about aesthetics. Don’t neglect the functional component of wearing sunglasses during a summer trip.

The Ultimate 5-Step Packing List for Your Upcoming Vacation

For starters, this accessory reduces glare. It’ll be possible to look into the sky (and any other direction). Apart from better vision, sunglasses minimize eye strain. Some people, especially those with bright eyes, might experience this after spending hours in the sun. So, if you are an outdoor enthusiast, it’s necessary to pack at least a single pair of sunglasses for your summer vacation.

Sunscreen for Body & Face

You might be living in a cold climate. Perhaps you are busy during the day and don’t get much sun exposure. But unless you already have a great suntan, don’t forget to bring sunscreen to your summer vacation.

Two different sunscreens exist for the body and face. If you are hiking or spend time out of a shade, your face will be under constant sun exposure. Therefore, you should apply formulas with the strongest protection rating to that region.

The Ultimate 5-Step Packing List for Your Upcoming Vacation

As for the body, you also need sunscreen that fits your skin needs. The experts recommend formulas free from chemicals that could potentially harm your skin. Most users prefer light formulas without strong scents.

Even if you don’t feel the UV rays burning your skin, apply sunscreen regularly. That means multiple times daily. It’s the best way to avoid sunburns and ensure you get that darkened shade you always wanted.

Money and Cards

Toiletries and medications are among other essentials to pack, as well as your passport and other personal documents. Another thing you mustn’t forget is money and cards.

The experts advise having enough cash to get you to the nearest city. It’s safer to keep the rest on cards, but make sure to keep them in a safe place. An RFID wallet isn’t only a convenient way of storing your essentials, but it also offers protection against thieves who could try to steal your card data.

The Ultimate 5-Step Packing List for Your Upcoming Vacation


Before you begin packing, grab a pen and paper and make a list. It all starts with clothing items and accessories. Don’t forget toiletries and other essentials, and take documents and cash. Depending on your vacation type, other items might be necessary. That’s why devising a list before packing is imperative. Once you write everything down, the actual packing will go smoothly!

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