In terms of musicals, operas, and live productions, nothing beats seeing a show at London’s West End or New York’s Broadway. And if you agree, you’re not alone. Millions of visitors flock to these areas to see exciting new-release productions and their favorite classics. It would be a difficult challenge to pick only one of these areas to visit, as both have lots of culture to offer. Indeed, it’s not only fans of theater who come to these renowned districts. Broadway and West End have hosted performances for centuries, attracting lovers of history and lovers of drama to these cities.

Shows first premiered on Broadway back in 1904. Today, there are 41 theaters lining the district, practically guaranteeing that you can catch a show whenever you find yourself in Midtown Manhattan. West End offers a competitive number of venues with 40 total theaters, but the history waiting for you to explore is a bit richer. Shows have been performed in that area for over 350 years.

Theater Show-Down: The West End vs. Broadway

One of the best ways to explore the amazing history that these theaters have to offer is to plan a trip and see it for yourself. And what better way to celebrate a history-focused trip than to see the longest running show of all time? Phantom of the Opera is a classic for a reason, and performances are still held on Broadway and in theaters on West End. So get your tickets and look forward to sharing a theater experience that millions of others have enjoyed for decades.