A jungle stay you get to experience a completely is always fun. You get to explore new places, you get to discover new things, and most importantly, new location, which is a complete opposite to what you are usually accustomed to, that is, the city. In the jungle, you need to be sharp, focused, patient, and clever. But there are also a few things that you must do or carry before plan out the entire journey. Mentioned below are things that you might want to know. Have a look!

Hire a Good Local Guide

Hiring a good and knowledgeable travel guide is extremely crucial, especially if you are going somewhere new. Even if you may have spent hours researching about a place and its whereabouts, it is still important that you take with you a good tour guide who knows the place and has its key locations on his or her fingertips. This way you will waste less time on travelling to different locations and also avoid getting lost.

Things You Need To Have For a Jungle Stay

The Correct Type of Clothes

Taking the correct type of clothing with you is very important. For instance, a jungle stay in Dandeli will not be a walk in the summer gardens near your house. It will be muddy, moist, pest and rodent ridden, full of wild animals, and insects. Thus, it is important that you pack accordingly. Carry full sleeve T shirts, full track bottoms, and accessories like bandanas, handkerchiefs, and hats.

Things You Need To Have For a Jungle Stay

Get the Essentials

When getting ready for a jungle stay in Dandeli, Corbett or Gir, you need to pack along with you the essentials of any jungle stay. These essentials would include a portable tinder in case you need to make fire, a multipurpose knife that would allow you to cut through grass, hack wood, and even hunt smaller animals, that is, if needed, and a flashlight for having a way around the dark.

Things You Need To Have For a Jungle Stay

Potable Water

Portable water is very important to carry. At the end of the day, water is more important than food. One may survive approximately 21 to 22 days without food, but when it comes to water it is not possible for a human being to survive more than three days. This calls for an immediate action of carrying enough portable water with you when you plan for a jungle stay as the availability of drinkable water will be crucial when you would be outside in the jungle. However, this may not be possible all the time. Therefore, it is recommended that you carry a water purifier to make water potable and fit for drinking as contaminated water can have hazardous results. You can also use large palm leaves, if they are available, to collect rain water and consume accordingly.

Things You Need To Have For a Jungle Stay

Energy Bars

As mentioned earlier, it is possible to survive for about 21 to 22 days without food; however, it will not be a pleasant experience that is for sure. And why would you prefer skipping on food in the first place. It is therefore, advised that once carries sufficient food with you while you plan a jungle stay and experience the beauty of nature in Dandeli or Corbett. However, it is imperative that the food items are nonperishable, that is, they do not turn bad. Energy bars are very efficient in such cases as they have long shelf lives and do not turn bad easily. They are also rich in macronutrients such as fats, carbohydrates, and proteins which can provide a sustained supply of energy when needed.

Things You Need To Have For a Jungle Stay

Do Not Forget the Extras

Extras are referred to items that usually do not fall into the category of essentials. These items include –

  • A hammock – It is advised for travelers to carry their hammocks as sleeping on the ground may prove to be unpleasant as it may be filled with bugs and pests. Hammocks on the other hand prove to be comfortable tools to rest and sleep.
  • A water purifier – Water purifiers help you to purify water for consumption. Although they might not be a 100 percent effective, they can drastically reduce contamination.
  • Compass – It is very easy to lose track of the right path in a jungle stay in Dandeli, thus it is always recommended that you carry your own portable compass with you.
  • Waterproof nylon tart – This can be used to make a small tent or a makeshift roof in case there is rain or you have to camp.

Things You Need To Have For a Jungle Stay

I hope you liked the article and got useful insight about the things you should do before going for a jungle stay in Dandeli. Also, do check out Dandeli Dreams for exciting jungle stay packages!

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