Sometimes, having a great house party is just not enough. Especially in the summer, if you have a big backyard ready to accommodate all your friends. However, you do not have to limit yourself to your patio or garden, but have a better experience and make a party in the nature, a forest or an open space such as a glade. However, before you embark on this adventure, you need to make sure you have all the necessary things. Here is a checklist of the items you will surely require, but feel free to add more according to your preferences.

Seating Arrangement

Organizing a backyard party is easy regarding seating arrangements – all those left without a chair can sit on the grass and that is it. However, there may be no open seating areas in the woods, so you might want to consider this in advance. Folding chairs may be the best option you have and they are, among other advantages, practical, transportable, long lasting and cheap to rent. Also, think of the tables and look into fold down tables that will be big enough for all your drinks and meals.

Throwing a Party In The Great Outdoors

Rain Protection Plans

Partying in the open is always a liability when it comes to rain and you never know if it will ruin your endeavors. That is why you should have a fail-safe plan or even a back-up option that might save the day. If you are having a party at your back yard, make sure that all invitees can safely and comfortably come into the house without making too much mess. If, on the other hand, you are in the nature, set up a few tents and alert everyone to bring a raincoat with them, just in case.

Let There be Light!

When speaking of lighting for the party in the outdoors, standard options cannot be taken into consideration due limited electricity. That is where torch lights come into play as one of the easiest solutions you can find. They are not heavy to carry or do they need much maintaining – except batteries, of course. With enough torch lights passed around your guests, the party will be nicely lit. Alternatively, you can ask your friends to download torch light apps for their smartphones and provide light that way.

Throwing a Party In The Great Outdoors


But, smartphones need their batteries charged, as well as other electrical appliances you might take with you into the nature. That is why a power generator is a must when planning such an event, together with a diesel tank big enough to provide fuel for as long as the party goes on. Imagine being left with no lights, music and cold drinks in the middle of nowhere – in order to prevent that, pack a generator or even two.

Music and Drinks

You cannot have a party without these two items, so do not even start arranging your outdoor fiesta without an elaborate scheme for music and drinks. Bring a boom box, a laptop and some speakers or even a turntable set equipped with a more elaborate loudspeaker system. These do not need to be too loud because wilderness and nature is the opposite of extreme loudness, but should be loud enough to ensure good time. When it comes to drinks, you will need portable fridges or coolers and do not forget enough plastic cups – recyclable, if possible.

Throwing a Party In The Great Outdoors

Other Essentials

With many things to think of, some are easily forgotten. Among others you should definitely pay close attention to are insect-prevention sprays, games and fun activities, hand-held fans and, ultimately, some easily made party food like burgers, tacos or pizzas.

Throwing a Party In The Great Outdoors