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Tips for Decorating the Rustic Bedroom of Your Dreams

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s where you turn at night to relax, unwind from the day, and catch some much-needed sleep. You should decorate it to reflect this calmness in a way that is cozy and also sophisticated. Rustic decor can capture that perfectly—it is understated, not too pretentious, and has a vintage appeal that is undeniably pleasant.

Some people prefer more modern decorations in their homes, and that’s okay! There is nothing wrong with wanting sleek lines, geometric shapes, and neutral colors. But that is not what the rustic style embodies. Also synonymous with ‘“farmhouse” or “country home” decor, a rustic aesthetic utilizes reclaimed objects, rugged materials, and warmer colors to create rooms that are charming and reminiscent of older times.

Grab some antiques, pull out that family quilt, and read how you can create the rustic bedroom of your dreams by following a few simple decorating tips.

Use Natural Materials

One defining characteristic of the rustic aesthetic is using lots of natural materials. This includes wood, stone, burlap, and canvas. All of these are things that you would typically find in a farmhouse, hence the synonymous name.

An ambitious project that wouldn’t be that expensive could be adding exposed wood to an entire wall in your bedroom. This would look great behind the bed and add a focal point to the room. You can soften the rest of the room out with a big rug and throw pillows.

Repurpose Antiques

Reclaimed pieces are a crucial part of the rustic look. There is something sentimental and inherently cool about a room filled with vintage decor, and these items are a great way to liven up any space and tell a story.

If you don’t have any family antiques to highlight, go to local vintage shops and look for fun decorations like signs, mirrors, tables, lamps, or picture frames. To fully embrace the country aesthetic, search for old horseshoes or roadside signs to hang on your bedroom walls. Just keep in mind that things don’t need to come as a set to perfectly complement each other, and mixing and matching these items can create a super casual yet rich vibe

Complement with Neutral Bedding

When all of your antique accents and statement walls are coming together, things can start to feel a little overwhelming if you’re not careful. That’s why we recommend using simple bedding instead of intricately patterned sets.

White or monochromatic bedding can be the perfect solution to tie the room together. Comforters, blankets, or duvets in a solid shade help make everything else pop. The simplicity of the color is crucial in drawing the eye around the space instead of becoming overwhelmed by all the textures, colors, and decor.

To top it off, add a quilt at the end of your bed or some throw pillows to bring a bit of character to your bedding.

Add Faux Fur

When you imagine a cozy cabin in the woods or countryside, you probably think of exposed log ceilings and a warm fireplace with a fur rug you can lie out on. Good news: that aesthetic can become a reality by using faux fur rugs in your room. Neutral-colored rugs work best with the rustic look, so keep that in mind when shopping.

Your fur-filled room doesn’t need to stop there, though—you can also buy faux fur throw blankets, statement hanging pieces, or pillows. You can do tons with this super soft fabric while keeping things classy.

Utilize Crates

Consider purchasing wooden crates and using them to create more storage space in your rustic bedroom. Crates have a very laid-back charm reminiscent of farmhouses, and they also serve a practical purpose. You can stain them in different shades, stack them on their sides, and utilize them as makeshift bookshelves or bedside tables. They are truly versatile and can be styled or displayed any way you want!

Get Inspired!

Following these tips will undoubtedly help you achieve the rustic bedroom of your dreams. Stick with natural materials like wood, stone, burlap, and canvas. Consider a wooden accent wall, incorporate charming antiques, and use bedding in neutral hues to avoid overwhelming your space. Opt for faux fur accents as a cozy touch, and repurpose crates for functionality and aesthetic.

There are no actual rules for decorating—take these ideas and run with them in any direction you want!

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