We all love taking jewellery away with us when we are travelling, but we want to make sure that our collection stays safe the entire time! So, we have put together a guide with tips for storing your jewellery collection when travelling to make sure that everything stays in the best condition. From where to keep it and what to avoid, travelling with jewellery won’t be a concern from now on.

Keep It In Your Hand Luggage

Our first tip when travelling is to keep your jewellery in your hand luggage. This is especially important when you are carrying sentimental or expensive jewellery, as checked-in luggage goes missing far more often than is commonly known! Whilst most things can be replaced, losing your jewellery collection would be heartbreaking. Also, it will be much safer in terms of the temperature, but we will get into this next!

Tips For Storing Your Jewellery Collection When Travelling!

Prevent It From Being Exposed To Extreme Heat

Next up, throughout your trip, it is important that you prevent your jewellery from being exposed to extreme heat. When jewellery is either very hot or cold, it can cause issues with the settings and it can even crack some metals and gemstones. This is especially the case with more delicate materials and vintage jewellery, but in any case, you need to be careful when it comes to temperature.

Tips For Storing Your Jewellery Collection When Travelling!

So, in order to do this, keep your jewellery with you in your hand luggage, as when you check-in your jewellery and it goes into the hold, it can reach very cold temperatures which could be problematic. If you are going somewhere cold like skiing this Winter, make sure that your jewellery remains at a decent temperature. If it is somewhere hot, keep your jewellery out of direct sunlight and keep it in an air conditioned room, or at least in some kind of storage that will be cooler. This also goes for wearing the jewellery out when it is very hot

Don’t Wear Jewellery With Suncream

Another very important thing to remember if you are visiting somewhere warm is that you shouldn’t wear your jewellery with suncream on. Suncreams often contain zinc oxide and other chemicals that can cause jewellery to tarnish. Although letting the suncream soak in and then wearing jewellery can help to reduce tarnishing, it doesn’t stop it completely. So, make sure that you are wearing suncream to protect your skin in the hottest hours of the day and save your beautiful jewellery for the evenings when you don’t need to wear suncream.

Tips For Storing Your Jewellery Collection When Travelling!

…And Water!

It is also really important to avoid wearing your jewellery in water! Never wear your jewellery when in the sea, as the salt can cause metals to erode and excess exposure to water can damage gemstone settings. Additionally, you shouldn’t wear your jewellery in the swimming pool, as chlorine can also damage jewellery significantly! As with the suncream issue, simply keep your jewellery well away from any water and then enjoy wearing it when you know it will be completely safe and stay just as beautiful as when you went away. Not to mention, there is of course the risk of losing your beautiful jewellery! Avoiding water altogether will make things much easier.

Tips For Storing Your Jewellery Collection When Travelling!

Invest In A Portable Jewellery Case

Last but not least, investing in a portable jewellery case is definitely worth it. This will make sure that you can keep everything separate, to avoid anything rubbing against each other and tarnishing but it will also prevent anything from getting tangled and you having to spend any time sorting it out! You can find very compact cases that allow you to take plenty of jewellery with you for the trip, without taking up lots of space in your case. If this isn’t possible or you don’t have time to get yourself a portable case, pack each individual piece of jewellery in a small bag to at least prevent them rubbing together, although the tangling might be an issue!

Tips For Storing Your Jewellery Collection When Travelling!

Final Thoughts

Travelling with your jewellery collection should be much safer and easier with these simple tips!