At a restaurant, every single element needs to be strategically arranged to induce total customer satisfaction. The tablecloth and napkin set are one such combination that needs to be just right. This will help to set the ambience for the restaurant and leave your patrons happy and satisfied.

Here are a few valuable tips that can enhance the look of your restaurant with just a few tweaks in matching napkin set and tablecloth colors.

How does it fit into overall ambience?

Knowing the effect of the colors on the table, on the overall restaurant ambience is critical. You can consider yourself successful in picking the right colors for your tablecloth and napkins if they seamlessly integrate into the overall mood, lighting, and setting of the restaurant.

Tips to get the color combination right on dining table

Some may even go the other way and use the table linens to produce a contrasting effect. For instance, while the walls and fixtures may iridate a somber setting, the red and white striped tablecloth set can imbibe a dash of bright look to contrast with the muted setting.

What is the theme?

Your table linens need to gel well with the overall theme of the restaurant. There are different themes like Latin flares, or the subdued classic French bistro, or even the colorful Asian themes. Make sure that the tablecloth and napkin set seeks to enhance the theme

Tips to get the color combination right on dining table

Is it evergreen?

Going for timeless classics like the striped table cloth set offers more value for every dollar spent, instead of going for the color shade of the season. Once the color of the year has passed by, you may have to go for a design/color overhaul with table linens, which may not be good for the restaurant economics.

Tips to get the color combination right on dining table

Does it match or clash?

Many restaurants adopt a dual tone when it comes to table linens. They have the napkins and tablecloth in contrasting shades. However, in their effort to do something ‘different’ then end up using a blend of colors that clash. For example, red napkins and brown tablecloths will be a no-no. But an olive green tablecloth with beige napkins will look classy. So make sure that that the contrasting shades actually match and not clash with each other when they are laid on the table.

Tips to get the color combination right on dining table

Does it customize well?

The napkins and tablecloth have a great potential to be customized as per your distinct branding process. This way, they go beyond merely dressing up the table and enhancing your restaurant’s look.  With branding, you get to beautify the plain tablecloths. With your logo and restaurant name on it, you get to create a distinct brand recall value with the table linens.

Tips to get the color combination right on dining table

To summarize

These tips are highly useful if you need to provide the perfect fine-dining setting to your patrons at your restaurants.  Be it the striped table cloth Set or contrasting shades of tablecloth and napkin, these tips will apply to all types of settings.