Photography is a fun and fascinating process and with so many gadgets available nowadays, it has become insanely easy too. You don’t need any portable darkrooms or wait for hours to take one single photograph.

If you are planning to have photography as your hobby and do not know where to start, then you are in the right place. We are here to share with you some tips that will add the ‘wow’ factor in your photos.

5 Tips when planning to have photography as your Hobby

Its an Expensive Hobby

Well, if you are starting photography as a hobby, let me tell you that it is such an amazing thing that you will end up loving it a lot, and you will keep wanting more and more gadgets to make your photos look better. This is why it is considered an expensive hobby.

Tips When Planning to Have Photography As Your Hobby

You will require different lenses, tripods, gimbal, etc. and buying a lot of gadgets will cost you money. In that case, it is recommended to get a small loan for yourself. Getting a loan has become really easy these days and you can even find loan options for bad credit history too.

Figure out a niche for yourself

Getting a niche is extremely important to grow as a photographer. Niche kind of defines your brand, it is what makes you different from others.

Tips When Planning to Have Photography As Your Hobby

Thus, whenever you try to open your instagram account, make sure to make your account based on a particular type of niche, maybe still objects or wildlife or birds or nature. Just go with whatever you are comfortable with.

Focus on eyes

We, humans, are always drawn to the eyes when looking at a photograph. You might not realize, but it happens. Whenever we look at a photograph, we tend to focus on the subject’s eyes since it is a natural focal point that we connect with.

Tips When Planning to Have Photography As Your Hobby

Whenever taking portrait photos at any aperture, remember to keep the focus on the eyes. When you keep the focus on eyes, both you and your subject are going to consider the photo to be perfectly taken.

Avoid shaking the camera

Camera shake is one of the most common things that screw up our pictures. If you are starting photography, then you will end up ruining a lot of photos by shaking the camera.

Tips When Planning to Have Photography As Your Hobby

You need to learn how to hold the camera first and set a shutter speed that is appropriate for the lens’s focal length. If you are using a low shutter speed, then you will often ruin the photographs just by a small unintentional movement. Here’s the formula:

1/(Focal length) = The minimum shutter speed(s)

Keep this formula in mind, and it is recommended to get a tripod for best stability and if you do not own a tripod, try to be as steady as possible and keep the camera closer to your chest.

Learn to edit your photos

If you are starting your photography hobby, then you should realize that the raw photos coming out of the camera are not going to look amazing.

Have you ever seen those Instagram photos that just looked amazing? It’s because they were edited properly. All good photographers take the raw camera photos and then use any other application like Photoshop or Lightroom to edit them and give them that “wow” look.

Tips When Planning to Have Photography As Your Hobby

There are lots of editing tutorial available on YouTube. It is recommended to use Lightroom at first, and as you progress, switch to photoshop.


There you go, the 5 amazing tips for you to start your photography hobby. Keep these things in mind and avoid buying a lot of gadgets in the beginning. Start small and as you progress, buy new gadgets to take your photos to the next level. Good luck!