If you’re blessed with an outdoor space, then you’ve hit the jackpot. There’s nothing more divine than to chill in your backyard sipping a glass of freshly made lemonade or tending to your planted herbs. But having that outdoor space also requires some diligence and commitment to make it a place where you and your family can spend quality time, or where you can hang out with your friends. Today, multifunctional outdoor spaces are growing more popular by the day, because owners want to use the space at their disposal to the maximum.

This will not only be a good option for the household but also a fantastic opportunity if the owner decides to sell, since it will only increase the value of the property. Take a look at these tips, maybe they’re just what you need to organise your outdoor space.

Tips from Pros: Create Multifunctional Outdoor Space

Make the outdoor part of the indoor

Outdoor spaces are perfect for parties and social gatherings of all kinds. The great thing about them is that you can move all the pressure of organising these types of events from the inside to the outside. Make a space to prepare meals with a barbecue grill, for example, and build a bar around it. Or you can create a complete outdoor kitchen area for more elaborate meals. Create an outdoor cinema with a canvas stretched between two trees or mounted on a stand, and spread blankets on the grass for the sitting area. This way, all the activities usually held in the house will be transferred outside to the larger and spacious area.

Tips from Pros: Create Multifunctional Outdoor Space

Use your outdoors all year

Usually, backyards and gardens are intended for warm seasons. But more and more people are using that space even during the winter. The most important thing then is to create enough warmth so you can stay outside without freezing.

Tips from Pros: Create Multifunctional Outdoor Space

You can create a fire pit with round benches around it, equipped with warm upholstery and blankets. You can install patio heaters and create a sitting area around them, too. Also, hot tubs have been gaining popularity in the past decade, especially during the winter months. And the great thing about all these accessories is that you can use them during all seasons when it gets cold.

Rain, snow, wind and sun proofed

The biggest enemies of an outdoor event are the elements. They are the well-known party breakers and when thinking about the outdoor space, they tend to give the most headaches. Once a big deal, today just a matter of money and space, pergolas, gazebos and awnings are available in various shapes and sizes. As pointed out by one of the leading teams for professional building installations Correct Constructions, outdoor space requires a “solution that allows you the freedom to entertain all year round”. This means that you should not worry about the elements, rather how to use the space you have the most of.

Tips from Pros: Create Multifunctional Outdoor Space

Multipurpose outdoor furniture

Just like with small spaces, multipurpose furniture can help you use the space outside in the best possible way without limiting your movement. You can buy stools or benches with storage space inside, tables with shelves underneath or use one piece of furniture for several purposes. You can plant herbs in the small cart and move it to another place to create space for sitting, or you can use tree branches to hang the pots. Another great idea is to build a fire pit and use it as a barbecue when needed by just adding the grill.

Tips from Pros: Create Multifunctional Outdoor Space

Water savvy plants

If you’re not much of a gardener or you think that growing flowers requires too much effort, use water savvy plants for your garden and backyard. Their popularity went over the roof this year because they’re colourful, yet don’t require too much attention. Also, they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and can be an interesting decoration, too.

Tips from Pros: Create Multifunctional Outdoor Space

Never underestimate the potential of your outdoor space in any time of the year. Even if you think that it’s too small or too cluttered, don’t make a mistake and give up on it. Outdoor spaces are ideal factors to expand your house, present your property in the best possible light and, of course, entertain guests, family, friends and yourself.