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Top 10 Destinations For Traveling in October – Part 1

October is a real autumn month with beautiful gold colors of nature. Weather in October known to be variable from sunny to rainy with a gradual decline in temperature. This month is quite suitable to pack your bags and go somewhere to enjoy the autumn air, the gentle wind and the art of painted surfaces. See the top 10 destinations where you can satisfy your needs and you can feel the autumn magic.

1. Soave, Italy

Soave at most extraordinary way will include you in the grape harvest and the prize will be a free tasting of beautiful Italian wines. In this month also is maintained Chocolando- festival of chocolate masters. Besides these two baits this city will invite you to local cheese and olive oil markets.

2. Cairngorms, National Park, Scotland

This place is a head among national parks that offers enjoyment of great food, local ales and magical whiskey. There you can experience the Segway adventure. If you walk in this area do not miss walking in ravines or kayaking.

3. Santorini, Greece

During this time crowd in glamorous Santorini is much calmer. This is month when there prevailed a wonderful environment for relaxation and month of seductive sunsets. Santorini is undoubtedly exalted in October.

4. Bundoran, Ireland

Bundoran is hit place in autumn time. That is an ideal place for lovers of bars where they can enjoy drinking Irish beer.

5. New England, USA

If you look for synonyms of autumn, there is New England. The place is known for restless fiery colored greenery that erupts during October. Interesting farms full of Halloween pumpkins and peel corn spread across. With no doubt that is a super destination for October.

Top 10 Destinations For Traveling in October – Part 2

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