We all love traveling- seeing new places, and learning about different cultures, but one thing we absolutely dread is planning the trip. Whether finding the perfect hotel or making sure you book all the flights right, it can be very confusing and overwhelming.

Thankfully we have your back. Below, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks from the best travel agencies. With these tricks under your sleeve, your next travel plans will be flawless.

1. Research well

The start point of any trip should be research. This means you should read reviews and search flights. Make sure to compare prices, too. This will ensure you don’t end up paying more than you have to. Searching about the place you are visiting will give you an idea about it beforehand. It will be beneficial for you to know what to expect and if the trip is worth going on or not.

Top 25 Tips to Ensure that you Travel Right

2. Plan ahead

An important step to take care of is planning ahead of the trip. Plan key points like how many days of vacation you can take, what budget to set and what are the key destinations of the trip. This will set a road map for your trip. Planning will ensure you will not hit any roadblocks and will enjoy your trip seamlessly.

3. Budget is the key

Before anything else, make a budget for your trip. By budgeting, you can get an idea of how much you can spend on your trip. You can then look for deals and flights that suit your pocket.

4. Read fine prints

Once you have your perfect hotel, keep an eye on fine prints. You need to be aware of hidden costs like booking fees, daily hotel fees, cancellation policies, etc. These fees are hidden and distort the hotel’s actual price. Make sure to look into it before booking anything.

Top 25 Tips to Ensure that you Travel Right

5. Make a flexible itinerary

When planning a vacation, make sure to set a flexible itinerary. A flexible travel plan will leave room for a breather and even spontaneity. This can even give you extra time for places or activities you might find on the trip.

6. Travel off-season

Whether it’s flights, buses, or trains, whatever the mode of transport, traveling during off times will help you save time and money. After you are sure of your travel destination, find its peak season and make sure that you plan your travel before or after this time. An increase in the number of travelers means an increase in prices.

The peak seasons are usually around spring break, summer, or holidays. Traveling in shoulder season allows you to have a cheaper and crowd-free trip.

Top 25 Tips to Ensure that you Travel Right

7. Save a copy of the itinerary and important documents

Nobody thinks that their baggage will be lost, but it can happen. That is why you must put a copy of your itinerary in your travel luggage. If lost, the airline can track where you will be next and ensure you can get your luggage back. This is a hack that most people don’t know or don’t follow.

8. Buy a bright passport cover

A bright, easily traceable passport cover will ensure you can spot your passport within no time. It will be easier for you to find your passport amidst the chaos of customs and airport security.

9. Pre-plan your activities

You can save time and set a budget when you pre-plan your activities. If you don’t have an outline of things you wish to do, you will be left confused and wasting a lot of your vacation time thinking about what to do. Instead, list activities you wish to do, be it hiking, visiting markets, or food tasting. Make sure to make the most of your trip.

Top 25 Tips to Ensure that you Travel Right

10. Know the exchange rate

When going to foreign countries, know about the exchange rate. This will make sure that you budget accordingly. The last thing you want on your trip is surprise costs or not having enough funds. You can use online currency converters to know the current foreign currency exchange rates.

Also, many credit cards offer fantastic currency conversion, allowing you to pay in your home currency. In contrast, the card issuer will convert the charges to the local currency at the current exchange rate.

11. Carry a spare outfit

While packing, ensure you carry an extra outfit in your carry-on bag. If your checked-in luggage doesn’t reach you on time or there is a mishap on the flight, you will be glad you carried some extra clothes with you. Be sure to add extra socks or underwear as well.

12. Choose daytime flights

An important rule is to travel during the morning. It is very convenient to reach your travel location during the day. You can make the most of the remaining time by indulging in fun activities. This will ensure that you are not wasting any time on your vacation.

Top 25 Tips to Ensure that you Travel Right

13. Book a hotel wisely

A hotel is a vital part of your holiday. It is no longer just a place to rest anymore. A lot of people travel to boutique hotels to experience them. When traveling, focus on your hotel, not just the surrounding activities. It’s a place where you will sleep, eat many of your meals, and relax; hence make sure it’s a good one.

14. Pay attention to details

After booking, double-check all the details of your flights or hotel package. They should match perfectly with your ID or passport. Such minor mishaps like misspelled names can waste a lot of your time and energy.

15. Pack light

The more you travel, the more you realize that less is always more. Check the weather of the place you are traveling to and your itinerary before packing. This will work as a guide in deciding what to pack. Carry essentials and outfits that you can mix and match. Packing light will also ensure that there is space for souvenirs.

Top 25 Tips to Ensure that you Travel Right

16. Make airport transport arrangements in advance

Booking a taxi or arranging for transport in advance will save you the hassle of dealing with it after a long flight. You can also save yourself from being ripped off by taxi drivers. Book a car or inquire about transport facilities to make your life easy.

17. Pack an emergency medical kit

Carrying an emergency medical kit at all times is a great idea. Packing your daily medications and emergency prescriptions will make sure that you are taken care of in dire situations.

18. Keep cash handy

It is always advisable to keep some change handy in case of cash emergencies or to tip people. Carrying extra cash is always a good idea.

Top 25 Tips to Ensure that you Travel Right

19. Be jet lag ready

When coming from a long-haul international flight, you need to consider jet lag. Consider that you have to adjust to the time zone physically and mentally. Keep the first day of your trip light and plan the strenuous activities in the middle or end of the trip.

20. Shop local

Suppose you wish to get the feel of the local culture and then visit the local markets. There you will find fresh produce and gift items that are unique to their culture. You can find souvenirs that you can take home and also support the area’s local people.

21. Try the local cuisine

The best way to taste the culture of your destination is to try their local cuisine and street food. You will discover new flavors and food items that you might love. It’s a fun way to find your next favorite dish.

Top 25 Tips to Ensure that you Travel Right

22. Travel by public transport

The best way to save money is to travel using public transport. This will save you money and make you feel like a local. Hop on a local bus or enjoy a train ride, and let the adventure begin.

23. Leave your home clean

Make sure that when you leave your house, it’s neat. You wouldn’t want to come to a messy home after an amazing trip. It’s one extra step before you leave home, but you will surely thank yourself later.

Top 25 Tips to Ensure that you Travel Right

24. Keep up with apps and websites

Technology makes your life easier, especially when traveling. Make sure that you use apps to your advantage. Various apps and websites can make your travel very easy. Also, Google Maps can help you navigate through your destination quickly.

25. Hire a travel planner/advisor

One of the essential tips from all the best travel agencies is to hire a travel advisor. They might be able to get you complimentary amenities, goodies, or special access to exclusive hotels. A travel planner will save money and time and help you get exclusive deals.

You can use an advisor for particular parts of your travel, like flight booking or hotel reservations. You need a good travel advisor to ensure that all your travel worries are well taken care of. We recommend you choose ALTOUR. They are here to make travel easy.