Pillows are known to enhance comfort and optimize rest and they are used mostly when one is sleeping or traveling. There are many pillows in the market as they keep changing. The year 2018 has seen the introduction on advanced pillow for better comfort be it at night sleeping or when travelling for long. The benefit of having a quality pillow is that it reduces muscle strains especially on the neck plus it helps enhance blood flow. When you are looking for a pillow here are some of the top pillow on the market for the year 2018.

Purple pillow

Purple pillow is one of the most popular and top seller pillows in the market in 2018. The reason for this is the material which is used to construct pillow are responsive and supportive plus they enhances that cooler feel. The purple pillow is the newest pillow in the market and the reason as to why it’s one of the most preferred pillows is from the materials and the technology behind. Purple pillow are made out of hyper-elastic pillows and smart grid technology which conforms to the neck and head reduce strain and also enhancing the overall experience. To learn more about this kind of pillow, you can check the purple pillow review.

The Top 4 Pillows on the Market In 2018

Anti-Allergy Pillow

There are people who suffer from allergy especially at night, these are the people who needs an anti-allergy pillow to allow them enjoy a good night sleep. If you suffer from allergy, you need to have a pillow which will not trigger allergic reaction like coughing. When you are looking to enjoy a good night sleep what you need is a pillow which will not act as a trigger for reaction. The good thing about this kind of pillow is that it’s made out of microfiber and the fillings are hollow fiber reducing the likelihood of allergic reaction. The other good thing is that these pillows are easy to clean and lightweight.

The Top 4 Pillows on the Market In 2018

Support Pillow

People who sleep on their side needs support pillow, the reason for this pillow is that it’s unlike the normal or standard pillow. This is because it curves under the head and the neck for that enhanced support and comfort. The people who are side sleeper tend to get stiff neck in the morning and most of the time they do not enjoy quality sleep. The support allows for more comfort and allows for quality sleep which is not interrupted. The good thing about this pillow is that it’s easy to clean in a washing machine.

The Top 4 Pillows on the Market In 2018
By Johan [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], from Wikimedia Commons

Wool Pillow

This is another top pillow in the 2018 market which is made out of cotton and it has adjustable softness. The good thing about this kind of pillow is it consisted of an all-natural filling. This pillow is best suited for those who need plumpness in a video. The pillow provides good firmness pus it maintain its shape for a very long time. The pillow is also very easy to clean and it provides consistent comfort for an entire.

The Top 4 Pillows on the Market In 2018