Top 5 Countries to Combine Travelling and Studying Abroad

Even though the pandemic has changed some of the approaches to string and travelling, the desire of the students to combine both of the opportunities is still relevant. In response to it, we have shortlisted five best countries welcoming international students and offering many unique attractions to visit.

5 Countries for Studying and Travelling Balance

Below is the list of five countries that can promise the high quality of education and the opportunities to travel at once. What’s more, living and studying in some of them is pretty affordable, so you are welcome to proceed with the final choice.

#1 – Canada

Canada is the top destination to study abroad for several years in a row. This country is open for the best students from foreingn countries but the requirements you have to meet are very tough. Studying and living in Canada is expensive too but in exchange for all the challenges you have to overcome to study here, you get the opportunity to study and live in one of the most prospective countries in the world.

Canada is wide, wild, and beautiful – there are a lot of places to see here. Get started by visiting Niagara Falls and proceed with other must-visit attractions in Canada.

Top 5 Countries to Combine Travelling and Studying Abroad

#2 – Australia

This distant country is another interesting destination to combine work and traveling. Australia doesn’t need a long introduction since this country is strongly associated with deserts, kangaroos, and the Sydney Opera House. As for studying here, the eligibility requirements are pretty friendly. What’s more, Australis is well known for the availability of different support programs for students and aspiring entrepreneurs, so don’t miss your chance.

Here is the ultimate list of places to visit in Australia  – even several years of studying here may not be enough to see them all.

Top 5 Countries to Combine Travelling and Studying Abroad

#3 – Ukraine

Being located in the very heart of Europe, Ukraine is a pretty promising country to get an education in since this is one of the few countries in the world where the quality of high education matches financial affordability perfectly. Ukrainian education is famous for its strong engineering and medical traditions so most foreign students choose it to get a globally recognized diploma in these disciplines.

As for the opportunities to travel in Ukraine, get ready to enjoy picturesque nature, and historical cities this country is famous for.

Top 5 Countries to Combine Travelling and Studying Abroad

#4 – Thailand

Thailand is rarely mentioned in the lists of the countries to study abroad. But when it comes to the opportunity to combine studying and traveling, while staying on a budget (a nice bonus for those considering this country), Thailand becomes one of the best options. Firstly, the government of the country highly values and understands the necessity for education. Secondly, Thailand doesn’t have such strict requirements for the students as Canada and other top and expensive destinations.

What’s more, this country promises an opportunity to travel and study its unique culture, religious traditions, and life attitudes which can be good additional lessons to those you will learn in a Thai university.

Top 5 Countries to Combine Travelling and Studying Abroad

#5 – Denmark

Most European countries are well known for the highest-end quality of education offered by their universities. Denmark is one of the top destinations to choose in Europe but get ready for the fact that enrolling in a Danish university will be challenging, plus the living standard in this country is one of the highest in the world.

Still this country is also rich with places to see. As one more benefit, studying in Denmark means having an opportunity to travel not only within this country but across Europe. European countries are connected with each other by convenient and affordable travel routes – just clarify your visa requirements in advance.

Top 5 Countries to Combine Travelling and Studying Abroad

Choosing Your Perfect Travel and Study Destination – Tips and Lifehacks

Now, let’s uncover some of the effective practices when it comes to combining traveling and studying abroad. The tips below will be useful regardless of the destination you chose.

  • Stay updated on Covid-19 rules. Most countries have already developed new rules for foreigners to cross the board, and stay for personal, business, and educational purposes. Research the official website of the country you plan to study at and find out the recent updates and rules for Covid-19 safety.
  • Always have insurance. As one more tip, make sure you will be fine when studying in a foreign country and traveling at once. Most of the countries require foreign students to have insurance issued by an international insurance company to stay abroad but if you want to travel, we kindly recommend expanding your insurance policy so that it covers your adventures as well.
  • Find out whether there is a virtual university tour. And here is a money-saving tip that will help you make sure your choice is right. Instead of visiting the country and the university on your own, find out whether there is a virtual tour. Leading universities are already offering such options, utilizing augmented reality to let students see campuses and dorms before they enroll.
  • Plan your budget in advance. The countries we have listed above have different standards of living, and this is the reason why you have to take your budget into account when choosing a destination. Planning your budget to balance study and travel is another challenge, and the only smart tip is to save a certain sum each month to your “travel fund”.
  • Get started with the local language. This is an evergreen piece of advice when it comes to moving abroad – get started with learning the local language right now. Despite the opportunity to study in English, knowing one more language doesn’t hurt.

Top 5 Countries to Combine Travelling and Studying Abroad


Combining studying abroad with traveling is possible and choosing the right country to do it is already half the success. Take one more look at the destinations we have reviewed above and make the final choice, keeping in mind the best practices to study and travel safely.

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