Are you planning to spend some days in a foreign country that have some amazing sightseeing attractions? If yes, why not pay a visit to New Zealand (Kiwi Land). The lists of attractions are virtually endless in this great country. Varied natural beauty, scenic stretch of lovely beaches, stunning landscapes, outstanding lakes, etc. are a few of the highlights that you can experience in this region. Due to the amazing beauty of the island, even New Zealand Photographers are always in great demand by tourists and visitors of all levels.

While there are many great places to explore, here are the top 5 places that can make their ways in your checklist.

Milford Sound

Rated as one of the most spectacular attractions, the Milford Sound lies deep within the Fiordland national park. With magical combinations of ink-dark waters, mountain peaks and superb forest clad cliffs, it is a must-visit place when you are in Kiwi Land. The zone presents one of the most wonderful coastal scenic beauties of the world. If you love hiking, you can check out the Milford track, one of the renowned hiking trails in New Zealand. Just take a memorable journey to Milford Sound and unearth its unmatched pristine beauty.

The Top 5 Places to Visit in New Zealand

Bay of Islands

It has a lengthy, fantastic and wild history. Once known as a bustling, booming and a bawdy seafaring center, Bay of islands is now a tranquil, pristine spot. It provides an ideal base to explore the Northland. This wonderful area got its contemporary name by Captain James Cook when he happened to stop at the island in the year 1769.

The Top 5 Places to Visit in New Zealand

This scenic destination has 144 islands, sandy beaches and secluded bays. It has plenty of marine life such as penguins, whales, the big marlin and dolphins. This popular location is a preferred spot for sailing yachts, diving, sport fishermen and lots more. Considered as the birthplace of New Zealand, the zone gives an exclusive insight on early European settlement, making a visit to the Bay of islands a must-do in anyone’s itinerary.

Tongariro National Park

Known for its extremes and surprises, Tongariro is the first national park of Kiwi Land. It features a diverse range of ecosystem. This includes active volcanoes, tranquil lakes, desert-like plateaus and untamed forest.

The Top 5 Places to Visit in New Zealand

You can begin your Trek from the Whakapapa Visitor Center; it is only a three-hour hike from the magnificent Taranaki Falls. A short hike will take you all through the forest and scrubland as well as across the lava-line of volcanic eruptions from centuries ago. No tourist prefers to miss a visit to this national park during his tour.


It is supposed to be the thermal wonderland of New Zealand. You will find numerous hot springs and geysers in and around the city. The smell of sulfur is evident in this region, and indicates the occurrence of thermal activity. Most of these are in reserves and parks. Natural eruptions of hot water, steam and mud occur occasionally in new locations.

The Top 5 Places to Visit in New Zealand

Close to the area is the Wai-O-Tapu. It is a well-known place to visit, and has many hot springs famous for their colorful appearance. Some tourists even take a bath in these springs, thinking that most of their physical conditions can be cured. If you love photographing colorful springs or wish to watch stunning hot springs, then Rotorua ought to be in your itinerary.

Franz Josef Glacier

It offers a wide range of classy experiences that showcase the west coast glaciers of New Zealand. Located in the Westland national park, the Franz Josef glacier is also regarded as a huge draw on the coast of South Island. Although most of the glaciers of the world are inaccessible, the Franz glacier is one of the most accessible tracks.

The Top 5 Places to Visit in New Zealand

As such, more and more people take the opportunity to explore this accessible glacier. You have the option to simply walk up to the foot of this massive glacier or have a helicopter ride to watch the superb views of the surrounding mountains and rainforest. However, most of the tourists prefer to have guides to troll the glacier as they are highly skilled and proficient in finding the most spectacular and safest route to get through the area.

New Zealand is undoubtedly a lovely country to pay a visit. It offers tourists with unmatched chances for exploration as well as adventure. No matter whether you are traveling alone or in a group of friends and like-minded individuals, the country has a lot of activities and attractions to offer. Just book a trip to Kiwi Land and visit these top 5 places to cherish an unforgettable tour of your life.