Vacations are supposed to be relaxing. Unfortunately, planning and executing a family vacation is often so stressful that you need a second vacation just to recover!

We all have different ideas about what constitutes a relaxing getaway. For some people, a luxury cruise is the epitome of relaxation; for others, a trekking through the Andes ticks the right boxes. The important thing is to choose a vacation that is relaxing for you. To help you make that decision, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Boating Trip

Boating vacations cover everything from luxury cruises to yacht hire. Experienced sailors should definitely hire a boat and go exploring a new stretch of coastline, but if your sailing skills are non-existent, book a cruise or charter a boat with a crew. Either way, heading out on to the open water is wonderfully relaxing and guaranteed to blow the cobwebs from your head.

Top 5 Most Relaxing Vacations for 2017

Beach Vacation

Nothing beats a beach vacation for rest and relaxation. Imagine the luxury of lying on a beach, soaking up the sun. Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? It can be, but it depends on where you end up. For example, a pebble beach in northern Scotland might be deserted, but in the middle of winter, it isn’t going to be relaxing. A tropical beach is more relaxing, but only if it isn’t too crowded and you aren’t worried about having your bag stolen as soon as you go for a swim. Choose the right destination and a beach vacation is wonderful.

Top 5 Most Relaxing Vacations for 2017

Spa Resort

Spa resorts make it their business to be the ultimate in relaxation. You can chill out, cut off from the modern world, and enjoy a series of spa treatments. This is not a cheap and cheerful vacation, but it will be nice and relaxing, especially if you book one that bans cell phones and other modern gadgets.

Top 5 Most Relaxing Vacations for 2017

Self-Catering Villa

Self-catering is not relaxing if you have kids, as it is invariably like being at home, but with a different view out of the window. If you need to de-stress, book a villa somewhere scenic, away from people, and with no kids. This will enable you to sleep in until noon, drink wine all afternoon, and catch up on your reading list.

Top 5 Most Relaxing Vacations for 2017

Road Trip

Does the thought of taking a road trip appeal? Road trips can be surprisingly relaxing as long as you don’t have a strict itinerary to follow. The best way to make your next road trip relaxing is to hire a nice vehicle, and just drive with no particular destination in mind. Hit the road and see where your mood takes you. You could explore the coast, or head inland and discover some interesting new places. Life is an adventure, so get your motor running!

Top 5 Most Relaxing Vacations for 2017

The devil is in the detail, so try to put some effort into the planning of your next vacation. The more organized you are, the more relaxing it will be when you arrive.