Lake Erie Islands: it is a place where time passes a little slower, loved ones feel closer, and there is an amazing lake between you and your worries. From record-breaking roller coasters to stunning water parks, birdwatch to island hopping, dockside dining to wineries, Lake Erie Islands have countless gems that keep the fun going. Here are six interesting places to visit in the Lake Erie Islands.

1. Bass Island State Park

Are you an avid boater? Put-in-Bay has three public docks and several privately owned marinas. Keep in mind that popularity comes at a price, and docks can get crowded very fast. Once docks fill up or get crowded at the South Bass Island, boaters looking for a quiet getaway can go to a Middle Bass Island’s state-managed marina.

Top 5 Spots to Visit in the Lake Erie Islands

James St. John, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You no longer have to own a boat to have a great time in Middle Bass Island. The state park provides kayak rentals at the marina, letting day-trippers paddle to the East Point Preserve. This is an area where they can easily go ashore and hike an amazing foot trail.

2. Perry’s Victory Visitor Center

The Perry Victory and International Peace Memorial is a 352 feet high Doric column that stands watch over the entire Lake Erie western basin and is the most visible landmark in South Bass Island. It was dedicated to the victors of the 1812’s Battle of Lake Erie. The memorial celebrated the lasting peace between the U.S, Britain, and Canada that followed the war.

Top 5 Spots to Visit in the Lake Erie Islands

The monument bears the names of six officers slain in the battle and Oliver Hazard Perry. During your vacation in Put-in-Bay, take some time to learn the history of this monument and probably capture that exciting moment.

3. Kelleys Island Preserves

Over a third of Kelleys Island (about 2,800 acres) flourishes as an underdeveloped parkland. For this reason, the amazing island has become a popular landing pad for both migratory and native birds. Travelers don’t have to go far from the ferry station to find a good sport to bust out their binoculars. Besides the thousands of acres of the state park, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History owns several preserves on the island.

Top 5 Spots to Visit in the Lake Erie Islands

Mbrickn, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

4. Put-in-Bay Brewing Co. for beer lovers

After the ladder trucks relocated in the 1990s, Put-In-Bay’s former fire station got auctioned. Half of the building was transformed into Put-in-Bay Brewing Co. because there was no brewer in that area. From May through October, Put-in-Bay Brewing Co. brews 8 different recipes, providing 6 on tap at a time. So, if you need nibbles, the brewery offers noteworthy pizzas and standard pub fare.


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5. Stonehenge Estate

Katherine and Ken Benjamin bought this ancient South Bass Island’s Stonehenge Estate home in 1979. As of that time, the farmhouse, winepress cottage, and barn were more than 100 years old. The couple, intending to make the property their retirement home, began renovations. The property restoration process attracted the attention of the locals and visitors, and in 1989, Katherine and her husband opened up the property to the public.

Top 5 Spots to Visit in the Lake Erie Islands

Both visitors and locals wander a trail to the barn (currently the property’s gift shop), where they buy a self-guided audio tour for the entire property. You can explore the cottage (the winery press is still in the basement), walk the grounds, tour the stone farmhouse, and return to the gift shop to learn more about the island’s days gone by.


East of Toledo and west of Cleveland is Island County. Twenty-six amazing islands dot Lake Erie, of which Kelleys Island, South Bass Island, Put-in-Bay, and Middle Bass Island are the most visited. Don’t forget to visit the five interesting destinations mentioned above during your vacation in Put-in-Bay.

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