Top 5 Things to Do When Holidaying in Dubai

Known for its lively nightlife scene, ultramodern architecture and luxury shopping destinations, Dubai is on the list of everyone who has dedicated their lives to travel and exploration. Showcasing the perfect balance between new and old Dubai, this city knows how to keep the visitors entertained and create headlines. The unstoppable energy, irresistible food options, and adventure activities make Dubai one of the most visited cities in the world. So, if you have planned your trip to Dubai from Mumbai, make sure you grab cheap tickets from Mumbai to Dubai to spend the saved amount on exploring the city and experiencing the thrill it has on offer. To your rescue, here we have listed top 5 things that you should do when holidaying in the heart of UAE. Take a look!

An Entire Day at the Dubai Mall

Spending an entire day at the mall may sound a little off to you. However, trust us, Dubai Mall is the world’s largest shopping arena with all the top brands under one large roof and spending a day here is nothing less than a journey. Home to around 1200 stores, a musical fountain, an ice skating rink, an indoor aquarium and a lot more, Dubai Mall has something for everyone. Offering hours and hours of endless entertainment, Dubai Mall is a paradise for shoppers and kids alike.

Top 5 Things to Do When Holidaying in Dubai

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A Trip to the Burj Khalifa

It would be unfair not to list Burj Khalifa when talking about top locations of Dubai. Visible from almost all parts of the city, Burj Khalifa is to Dubai what Eiffel Tower is to Paris. Decked up with an elevator that takes you to an inconceivable height that offers picturesque views of the area around, missing Burj Khalifa is a big no. The overwhelming views of the deep blue Arabian Sea on one side and the horizon meeting the sand on the other make it a must-visit place.

Top 5 Things to Do When Holidaying in Dubai

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A Day Dedicated to Spice Shopping

To witness the old-world charm of Dubai, make a sure shot visit to the souks that will take you back directly to the 70s. The smell of spices, cobbled stoned streets, and shops lined with blinding gold will make it a delight to walk through this area. Make sure you excel at your bargaining skills and bring home a bag full of spices and souvenirs to take back home. The fun of taking a stroll here can be easily summed up as priceless.

Top 5 Things to Do When Holidaying in Dubai

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For the Desert Safari Experience

Treat the adventure enthusiast well by taking up Desert Safari. We bet, every single time you go on it, you’ll have a different experience altogether. Get this booked from your hotel and get all geared up to have an amazing traditional evening. The gorgeous sunset and Arabic setting at the camps will surely leave you breathless. Inquire at the hotel for the night stay at the camps and spend a night under the starry sky amidst the desert. The traditional Emirati, Turkish and Lebanese dances and scrumptious food will surely make you fall in love with Dubai.

Top 5 Things to Do When Holidaying in Dubai

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Did We Mention Skydiving?

For a bird’s eye view of this fantastic city, get all geared up to have an amazing time with Fly Dubai. The awe-inspiring views of the Palm Dubai, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Marina and all of the city will make that plunge just worth it. The adventure lover in you will not be able to thank you enough for this lifetime experience. So, keep all the worries aside and make way to Fly Dubai when holidaying in Dubai.

Top 5 Things to Do When Holidaying in Dubai

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While the list of top things to do in Dubai keeps changing every year, as of now, follow this list to have a great time here. We are sure, by now you must have bagged those cheap tickets from Mumbai to Dubai, and your bags must already be packed. However, to make your travel plan even more sorted, take help from the biggies of the travel world like Yatra to get other bookings and plans sorted.

Have a Happy Vacation!

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