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Top Things To Do & See in Cebu in 2017

One of the magical and most beautiful places in the world is Cebu in the Philippines. Holidays can be enjoyed more interesting if you are able to learn the Philippine Language. Having good command over the Philippine Language can save you lots of money and time. Basic knowledge about the local language is always supported to escape you from ripped off. The attractions of way out from the cities are the known recognized most beautiful places to visit in Cebu.

Cebu is one of the islands composing the Visayas Region and is located between Leyte and Negros. Once called Sugbu, Cebu is the oldest city in the Philippines.

Thriving trade center – Cebu

Cebu is a busy metropolis and one of the thriving centers of trade where you can find an array of goods an services with great ease. Cebu is one of the most popular tourist and business destinations in the Philippines. Dubbed as “The Queen City of the South,” Cebu boasts numerous resplendent treasures yet to be discovered by travellers who love to explore the unknown.

The Taoist Temple

Located in the Subdivision of Beverly Hills, the Taoist temple is among the most famous tourist spots in the city. Built by the Chinese community of Cebu in 1972, this temple is a prime center of worship for the people following Taoism.

Enjoy natural wonders

From natural wonders that can only be experienced in Cebu, like the expanse of pristine, white sand beaches in the islands of Mactan, Badian, Malapascua and Bantayan; Cebu’ magnificent diving spots with corals of splendid extent like that in Maribago Bluewaters and Moalboal leaving you in total awe, to Cebu’s historical landmarks remnant of a bygone era, and a cultural heritage the Cebuano’s are most proud of.

House for rent in Cebu

Since there are many vacation homes which are not occupied through most of the year, many vacation house owners have decided to offer their private homes to vacationers. These private homes are generally quite comfortable and fully-equipped with modern amenities like kitchens along with refrigerators, bathrooms with cold and hot water showers, microwaves, air conditioning units and stoves available in every room. You can take a vacation house for rent in Cebu and enjoy a pleasant stay in the city.

You will pass by roads with coffee tree farms, cut flower farms, and several fruit stands. There are other routes, depending where you are starting your trip. Foods of different flavours and choices can be enjoyed easily.

Cebu’s temperate tropical weather

You can bask in Cebu’s temperate tropical weather that runs all throughout the year. Cebu is regularly sunny and warm, the beaches in Cebu are excellent for people who want that perfect sun-kissed complexion and beautiful tan lines. The alternative is with the help of trekking take the full adventure of your life via visiting the Cebu jungles alongside the crystal clear rivers, conquer hard to climb trails and rappel through steep mountain cliffs and waterfalls. Do that and be enthralled around Cebu! Feel the adrenaline rush around Cebu.

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