Bangkok, well famous as the Land of Smiles” is indeed a country of contrasts that has a fascinating blend of everything a holidaymaker seeks. There are stunning beaches, rural villages, and mouth-watering food that are just perfect for an urban explorer, a history buff or a foodie. So, no matter what kind of tourist you are, you are sure to enjoy your trip to Bangkok. And most importantly, the people are here warm and welcoming.

Go ahead and book cheap Singapore Airlines flights and look forward to an amazing holiday. There are different kinds of tours available in different languages to meet the need of diverse visitors. You can take your pick based on your interests and preferences. Learn about Thai massage or join Thai cookery classes and take a closer look at some of the top ingredients used in Thai cooking.  Go for an adventure tour or a spiritual one, based on your interests. Whatever tour you pick and no matter where you go, you are guaranteed hours and hours of fun and excitement.

Here are some amazing ideas for tours to enjoy in Bangkok.

A Private Tour of Bangkok

Nothing can be more exciting than getting a personalized and private tour of Bangkok to discover the best sights in the city. You enjoy having your own local guide who will take you to the spots that you are interested in and introduce you to some other must-see attractions of Bangkok. The tour is both unique and preferred as it is based on a flexible itinerary adjusted according to your preferences. You get to enjoy the best of the city within a day and cover major highlights like Wat Traimit Temple, Chinatown, Thai flower market, Golden Mount, Reclining Buddha temple, and more. Just look for flights to Bangkok and make the most of your trip.

Top Tours in Bangkok

A spiritual tour of Bangkok

Get a private tour designed for you that introduces you to Buddhism, monks & rituals in the city. As Buddhism is the main local region, the tour focuses around temples and monks that have shaped the local life in Bangkok. You can visit famous Buddhist temples and learn about meditation. Visit the Ordination Hall and explore the Ratchanadda & Amulet Market. The Golden Mount, a gilded stupa, is one of the highest points in Bangkok. A workshop on Monk bowl educates you on how the Monk bowl workshop is made. This is your chance to meet a real monk and talk to them about Buddhism.

Top Tours in Bangkok

A floating markets tour in Bangkok

Get a personalized tour of the floating markets and explore the local life in everyday busy mornings. Floating Market in Amphawa is one of the most popular and people come here to enjoy the magical Thai food in the 17th-century riverside village. It is indeed a food haven for the locals and the tourists as there is an endless number of stalls by the riverbanks and the streets. Depending on what you are looking for and how much time you have, you can design the floating market tour. Stroll through hundreds of food stalls around the original floating market and enjoy the fresh local delicacies.

Top Tours in Bangkok

A tour of Chinatown in Bangkok

Bangkok is all about sight-seeing and enjoying delicious foods, and visiting the Chinatown is an essential urban adventure that every tourist must indulge in. You get to experience the Chinese architecture, culture, and food on this tour. You are introduced to foods that you have never heard of or tried before. Experience Bangkok’s Chinese heritage as well as delicious bites of iconic Chinatown.

Top Tours in Bangkok