Traveling to new places can be very exciting. Discovering different cultures, places and surroundings can be both breath taking and peaceful. Get the full benefits a destination has to offer with a few tips on exploring and experiencing your dream vacation.

Getting around—Transportation Options

When you are pressed for time, there are several transportation options to consider. Walking or cycling is the ideal way to see small towns and villages. In fact, you can see a lot more when on foot than you can in a vehicle. However, according to Family Vacation US, vehicles can help you cover a lot of area. Great transportation options include:

  • Rent a Limo—spoil yourself and be chauffeured to your chosen destination
  • Renting a Car—gives you the freedom to go where you desire when you want
  • Public Transportation—gives you the freedom to come and go when you want without having to drive
  • Tour Guides—sit back and relax; let someone else drive. Your guide often knows, where to eat or visit and the local history

Get the Most out of Your Travel: 4 Ways to Explore a New City

Food Tour

A great way to explore a city is to go on a food tour. A food or culinary tour is a skillfully guided outing of local food and beverages. Sometimes the tour will include hands-on workshops. Food tours are the ideal way to discover and taste the local authentic and artisan goods. You may also learn a little about the local culture and history. The duration of the tour can vary, depending on the size of the group and the program offered. Some tours visit the heart of a city, while other guides offer a country trek so guests can experience the ethnic taste of farm to table.

Get the Most out of Your Travel: 4 Ways to Explore a New City

Art and Culture

From small independent galleries to extraordinary museums, every city has an array of art and culture to be discovered. In fact, some cities are renowned for their art museums alone and attract artist from around the world. Venues to explore include art, dance, literature, theater and music.

Get the Most out of Your Travel: 4 Ways to Explore a New City

When it comes to a multi-ethnic city, deciding where to go can be daunting. There are so many amazing cultural places to see and experience. As it happens, Art Privee is a website that contains a database of the world’s best private foundations and art museums. Not only is the database user friendly but it features an outstanding directory of contact information for exhibitions and art collections. In fact, the directory includes numerous museums worldwide such as the United States, Asia, Europe, South America and more.


The history of a region can be very fascinating. Delving into the past can reveal how certain events affected a particular culture and how a city progressed to its present culture. History helps us understand what life was like during a specific century, how people lived and the purpose for popular architecture. There are many ways to discover the history of a city such as visiting a local historian, a day in the archives of the local library and museums. Historical maps are also very resourceful. Old maps often have details about the city’s original layout plus names and locations of town residents. Historical maps can be found at churches, the library, city hall or other city owned establishments.

Get the Most out of Your Travel: 4 Ways to Explore a New City

Parks and Recreation

One of the best ways to get the most out of your travel is to visit the city’s parks and recreation facilities, especially if you have children. Many Park and Rec departments are dedicated to offering safe and fun activities for all ages. Some cities even offer tour guides that can take you on many types of adventures. Activities may include miles of trails, water parks, wildlife tours, gardens, beaches, balloon rides and even skiing.

Get the Most out of Your Travel: 4 Ways to Explore a New City