Once a upon a time, when you went on vacation, you have to leave your dog at home. That is simply not the case anymore. There are some many options for pets all across the country that they don’t have to spend any more time in the motel room than you do. Some of the things we will look at are historical learning opportunities, others are water related, you can camp, and some are as unique as you can possibly gets. Let’s look at just a few vacation options, but remember there are lots more just waiting for you to be discovered. There are many family and kid activities that we didn’t even begin to touch on.

Rails to Trails

It is no secret that the rail lines where the life line through early America. There were so many that crisscrossed the country that it meant you could get anywhere by train. As the years passed, and technology increased, these lifelines began to shut down. That is where the Rails to Trails conservation effort stepped in. All across America, they have began to take the old rail lines and turned them into walking trails. Some of these trails are paved. Others are just rocks and gravel. The best part is that they are all dog friendly trails. The amenities vary by trail, but some have parks, original rail cars, trestle bridges, and more. The hope is that one day they will all be linked together into one big walking trail, but for now there are just segments of various sizes all throughout America.

Traveling with Dogs

Historic Tours

San Antonio, Texas, Gatlinburg Tennessee, New Orleans, Louisiana, and a few other states have one thing in common: the offer all year historic tours that you can walk with your dog. These are tours that are family friendly and they point out all the really neat points of the city. Sometimes, you can even take the options of an adults only tour where they tell you the haunted stories that are just a little bit scary in all the right ways. There is even one in Pennsylvania where you can walk an old mine shaft and hear the tales of the mines while you walk.

Traveling with Dogs

Dog-Friendly Florida

Florida is a wonderful vacation spot that is made even better when you share it with your fur baby. From dog friendly restaurants to dog friendly beaches, there is no reason to be in the hotel room at all. Did you know that your dog can swim with the dolphins in Panama City Beach? In Key West, they can ride a kayak with you. Crystal River offers options for your dog to swim with the Manatees. This is just a few. You can rent boats, take boat tours, and so much more.

Traveling with Dogs

No matter where you decide to go on vacation, there are places to see and do that are unique to the area. We could spend days helping you to find the perfect destination but it is so much more fun for you to get out there and explore America on your own.