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Traveling with your Pet: Best Destinations and Must-have Essentials

Destinations to Visit with Your Pet

It’s every pet owner’s dream to travel with their best fur buddies. However, not all destinations are pet-friendly, unfortunately. Thus, it is important to carefully choose your destination so that both you and your pet will greatly enjoy it.

Here are five of the best breathtaking destinations to visit with your pet, along with some tips to make your vacation smooth and enjoyable.

Venice, Italy

If you’re off to a European tour, you should not miss a trip to Venice, Italy. It’s a pet-friendly city, much like the rest of Italy. What’s more, dogs are allowed to ride a Vaporetto (water boat) without a ticket! How cool is that? Additionally, many cafes and restaurants allow dogs inside.

However, since Venice is such a popular tourist destination, expect heavy crowds especially during the peak season (which is summer). Many dogs are not comfortable with crowds. There is also virtually no grass in Venice so if your pet only relieves itself on the grass, consider training him ahead.

Paris, France

Your European tour is incomplete without visiting France. Luckily, it’s a pet-friendly city too! No capital city in the world seems to treat dogs better than Paris, so they say. Dogs are very much welcome in nearly all cafes, restaurants, and bistros in France, even in the world-famous The Louvre Museum.

Glacier Peak, Washington

The Glacier National Park is in every backpacker’s bucket list. With over 700 miles of trails, glacier-carved peaks, and valleys, it’s a perfect place to reunite with nature. Pets are allowed in picnic areas, developed areas, and parking areas within 100 feet of roads. All trails are pet-friendly and you can explore any of the national forests with your pooch.

However, it’s possible that you encounter some wildlife on the trails, such as bears, that could be dangerous for your pet. So always be cautious and take proper measures.

Lake Tahoe, USA

Along with pet-friendly trails, there’s an abundance of dog-friendly public places and campgrounds in Lake Tahoe. If your pooch loves playing in the sand, head to the Kiva Beach where dogs can swim off-leash! Alternately, you and your pet can ride a paddlewheel boat at the Zephyr Cove or go for a walk (or run) at the hiking paths around Echo Lakes. There are picnic areas, tables, and barbecues in public areas where the whole family can bond and enjoy.

Warsaw, Poland

Poland is a beautiful country known for its many historical sites, diverse cities, and natural wonders. Many restaurants allow pets inside and you can take your pooch in public transport. What’s more, the majority of hotels in certain cities, including Warsaw, allow pets.

There are many spots to check out in Poland with your pet, such as the Old Town of Warsaw and the Malbork Castle. You can also take your dog for a walk around Krakow, or to a scenic drive in the countryside.

Pet Travel Essentials

After picking your destination, it’s time to pack. To keep your pet safe, comfortable and safe throughout your trip, make sure you bring these travel essentials:

Food and Water

A hungry pet is a not so happy pet. Bring enough food and water for the entire trip. You should also bring some snacks along but you want to stick with his regular diet to avoid issues with an upset stomach.

Pet Dryer

You want to keep your pet well-groomed for your entire trip. In most cases, you will have to groom your pet by yourself. Pet dryers keep our furry babies clean and dry and help reduce excess shedding.

First Aid Kit

You never know what can happen during your trip. Pets are naturally playful. Without paying enough attention, you might find them all over the place. Be sure to include antiseptics, eyewash, tape, gauze bandages, medications and supplements in your kit.

Health Records

These are especially important if you crossing any international border. Make sure that your pet is updated with vaccinations.

Poop Bags

This is one of the things that most people easily forget. So, before you do, slip a pack into your bag.

Bed, Crate and Toys

Don’t forget to bring items that your pet finds familiar, such as his favorite blanket and toys. Pack plenty of treats too. A good boy deserves some treats. It’s important to bring his own bed too especially if your dog has arthritis or joint discomfort.

Leash and Identification

Most destinations and public areas require that pets be on a leash. Don’t forget his tag, and some recent photos of your pet to help with identification in case he gets lost.

Traveling with pets is such a wonderful experience. If you’re not sure where to go, consider choosing any of the five pet-friendly destinations mentioned above. Next, be sure to pack ahead of time and have all the travel essentials with you.

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