If you are a travel enthusiast, then the COVID-19 pandemic must have baffled you with its existence. And trust us, you aren’t the only one who is extremely frustrated with the endless house arrest; we are too.

But thankfully, as the days graduate, there is a handful of good news for the backpackers. So, start connecting with the reliable Travel agencies near Ohio to book your tickets to get the best deals on travel packages. As of now, the national traveling is started with a few international destinations on the list too. And one of these destinations is Cancun in Mexico.

Yes, you read that right. Mexico is officially allowing international travelers to take a few day vacations in Cancun and the entire Mexican Caribbean since June, but of course, by following new procedures and protocols put forth by the Mexican government to keep both the travelers and locals safe amid the COVID-19 scare.

Trip to Cancun during COVID-19!

But How Was Cancun Able To Welcome The Visitors So Soon?

Well, everything was well-planned before the big decision was taken. Cancun was one of the first tourist destinations that adopted the WTTC’s health and hygiene protocols to earn the global safety stamp. The popular destination did everything in its limit to ensure the visitors are safe and secure during their visit.

Trip to Cancun during COVID-19!

The protocol enlisted by Cancun ensures that the visitors are safe but aren’t hampered from any enjoyment. For instance, ground markers are installed from place to place; chairs are spaced at the proper distance from one another. The guests are provided with a gentle reminder continuously to follow the social distancing. Motion-activated doors are installed for touch-less entry, and even sanitizers are placed around the resorts and public areas.

Even the staff and employees at the Cancun and Riviera Maya resorts are taking extra care of keeping the resort property, hotel, and garden premises cleaned and sanitized.

Trip to Cancun during COVID-19!

All the public areas are sanitized after proper intervals. The chairs are sanitized after each use. Even barriers are installed in front of the front desks, so there is enough distance between staff and guests.

Every hotel has limited interactions with guests. You may require using QR codes to download the information on what rules and policies you must follow throughout your stay.

What Happens At Cancun International Airport?

Initially, the Cancun International airport saw a few visitors now and then. But recently there has been a growth in the number of travelers each day. However, the Cancun International Airport is managing to follow each safety protocols even during the busiest days. So, you will need to maintain your distance and wear your masks.

Trip to Cancun during COVID-19!

Even though the traveling procedure isn’t as same as it was before the pandemic, but Mexican officials are ensuring that the most loved tourist place of Mexico gets back to normal sooner.

If you are expecting that the bars and nightclubs may be open, then you are mistaken because Cancun is still ensuring to avoid opening too crowded places. However, you will be able to enjoy your stay at Cancun tanning under the sun and de-stress all of your pandemic boredom.

What Do The Locals Think About This Early Welcoming?

Cancun is one of the most searched destinations when it comes to traveling in the fall season. And most of the locals in Cancun make their earnings by catering to the vast population of tourists that fly every year.

Trip to Cancun during COVID-19!

Since COVID-19’s arrival, Cancun and the whole of Mexico were closed for tourism. But with its reopening in June, the local’s conflict. Well, they are happy as they will be able to make their earnings. On the other hand, these locals are also scared of catching the virus from international travelers.

Many Mexicans feel like it is too early for the world to enter Cancun, especially countries with high COVID-19 cases and death rates.

Locals insist that if you are interested in visiting Cancun, then make sure to stay near your resort and away from small villages because people at such places lack information. Plus, small localities have no proper treatment resources.

Trip to Cancun during COVID-19!

Also, you must sport your mask throughout your stay, regardless of what situation it is.

And since Mexico is mostly dependent on tourism, your stay won’t be hindered by anyone. Every resort, hotels, airports, and even locals take proper precautions to stay safe and let you be safe and comfortable.

Bottom Line

As of now, until the COVID-19 scare lingers, people must avoid non-essential travels. Even if you are planning one, you must decide only after understanding all the risks associated.

The best way to ensure your travel to an international destination is safe and sound is by connecting with reliable Travel agencies near Ohio, as The Travel Authority. They will help you plan a safe getaway.