There are many reasons why some travellers are reluctant to buy souvenirs when they go travelling. First of all, there are a lot of cheap souvenirs out there that don’t actually look good as part of your home. They can also be cumbersome to bring home, which is difficult when you’re packing efficiently for a family holiday. They just sit in your home, useless. However, there are many ways you can​​ bring souvenirs home from your travels without them becoming an annoyance. Here are some fantastic options in terms of souvenirs that you can bring home that will look good in your home.


Maps are one of the best souvenirs you can bring home from your travels. They are often very cheap to buy and sometimes free, which means you aren’t being out of pocket on your travels. They are also flat-pack, which means they can fit neatly in your luggage. There are many interesting and inventive ways you can display maps in your home, either as collage wall art or as posters. They serve as a great reminder of the locations on your travelling journey.

Unconventional Souvenirs You Can Buy When Travelling

Local Art

Like maps, local artists such as paintings are relatively easy to carry in your luggage but make a beautiful addition to your home. They also act as a reminder of your travels, as local art often deeply reflects the place and the people that inhabit it. You could choose an artwork such as a local landscape piece or just something you think evokes the vibes and themes of the place. This is a fantastic way to bring a piece of your travels home with you and put it on display in your home.

Unconventional Souvenirs You Can Buy When Travelling

Local Tastes

Bringing a bit of the local cuisine home with you for your kitchen is a fantastic way to remind yourself of your journeys. Bringing things such as herbs and spices from the local area back with you so you can cook the cuisine at home is a wonderful way to remember the places you’ve been. Small jars are also reasonably easy to carry, and not too expensive. Once the jars have been used, you could use them as storage pots for pens or other items, which will also remind you of the place. Make sure you double-check what is okay to bring home via the customs for your company.

Unconventional Souvenirs You Can Buy When Travelling


Looking at local artisans and the jewellery and other items they create can make a great souvenir to bring home. Not only you will be supporting the local economy and its people, jewellery and small items are reasonably easy to carry- you can even wear jewellery as soon as you get it! This way, you will be able to carry around a reminder of your travels wherever you go.

Unconventional Souvenirs You Can Buy When Travelling

Travel Stickers/Badges

Travel stickers or badges are also flat to carry around and are very lightweight, which means they don’t become annoying to carry around. This is perfect if you’re going backpacking or on a long journey. These can be used for anything such as laptop stickers or badges on your travel bag or favourite jacket.

Unconventional Souvenirs You Can Buy When Travelling

Decor For Your Home

If you want to display a small piece of your travels in your home, you could consider getting small bits of decor from the vendors in the local area, such as small ornaments like candle holders and figurines. There should be many local vendors selling beautiful luxury homeware which can make a beautiful addition to your home. This could make an eye-catching piece for your home that will remind you again and again of your wonderful travelling experiences.

Unconventional Souvenirs You Can Buy When Travelling

Instead of buying constant postcards and other stuff you really don’t need, transform your travelling experience by getting these souvenirs instead.