When most people think of home staging they automatically think of moving house. This is only natural because homeowners only consider staging their property when they are planning to sell. They realise that a properly staged home sells faster and for more money.

Surprisingly, you can benefit in other ways from using home staging. To find out what they are, all you need to do is to read on.

Using Home Staging in Innovative Ways

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Home decor ideas

The first way you can use it is to get home decor inspiration. Home decor magazines are fine for ideas, but they tend to be full of photos of huge, high-end properties that are nothing like the home that you live in.

Using Home Staging in Innovative Ways

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As a result, sometimes you end up being disappointed with the way your rooms look after you have finished decorating them. There really is nothing worse than spending a lot of time on money updating a room only to be disappointed with the result, and having little choice but to live with the results for several years.

Home-staging firms can help you to avoid ending up in that situation. Because they typically provide furniture for showhomes, and landlords they know what looks good in an ordinary home. These property-staging firms have to read the market carefully and stay ahead of the trends in home decor. If they fail to do so, they soon go out of business. As a result, the furniture, accessories and soft furnishings they hire out are always up to date.

Using Home Staging in Innovative Ways

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It is possible to use their services to try out a particular style, or look, in your home. You can hire furniture from them for just a week, or a couple of months. That way you can see whether your home decor ideas are right for you and your family, before you invest thousands into buying new furniture for your home.

Dressing a room to rent

You can also use the services of a home staging firm if you have own a flat or house that you want to rent out. Across the world, millions of ordinary people now own rental property, so for showhome firms this market is huge. For example, in the UK, there are 1.63 million landlords. Interestingly, most of them own only one rental property, a trend that you can read more about here.

Using Home Staging in Innovative Ways

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If you are having problems finding tenants, staging your rental property is a good idea. Doing so will help people to see the potential of your property and to be able to easily imagine themselves living there. Most staging companies will do all of the hard work of unpacking the furniture and laying it out as part of the deal. They will even provide linen, soft furnishings, crockery and ornaments to complete the look.

Using Home Staging in Innovative Ways

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Dressing a rental property in this way means it is less likely to stay empty, and be losing you money. Naturally, it is important to make it clear to prospective clients that the price you are charging is for an unfurnished property. You can arrange for the home staging company to pick up everything a day or two before your new tenants are due to move in.