Being a working professional in Houston, work-life balance is seeing unusual demands. The last task on your mind is probably keeping a tidy home. Here are a few helpful tips to make keeping a clean home less of a nuisance in your very hectic life.


The best way to keep a home from getting out of control is to have small “organization stations”:

  • Color-coded containers to distinguish priority mail from area flyers can help manage mail overflow.
  • Instead of one bin for laundry, opt for a larger bin with two to three compartments for sorting colors from whites. A quick tip: once one pile is full, the laundry is already sorted – go drop a load in the machine before running out for work. They’re ready for the dryer or to be hung when you get back!
  • Stackable trays have limitless opportunities for organizing. They can be used to sort everything from makeup and hygiene products to loose papers and miscellaneous supplies. Their stackable design allows you to store items and reduce clutter.

Ways to Keep the House Clean While Working Full Time

Tidy as you go

Fortunately, dishwashers are fairly standard these days, but if your home doesn’t have one, no problem.

  • Avoid leaving dishes out with caked-on food. If you don’t have time to clean it right away, run water over them after placing them in the sink. They will be much easier to clean when it’s time
  • Leave outside shoes outside or in a special bin at the entry of the home. Not tracking in dirt from outside will drastically alleviate heavily soiled floors.
  • Keep disinfecting wipes in the high-traffic areas of the home – bathroom, kitchen, living room, etc. Whenever a spill happens, wipes are nearby, cutting down on annoying stains or sticky surfaces later.

Ways to Keep the House Clean While Working Full Time

Enlist help

An online poll gauged how common it was to chip in on household chores growing up. Unfortunately, today’s modern home has seen a decline in helping out around the house.

  • If you’re not alone in the home, try delegating some cleaning responsibilities throughout the family. Reserve the more labor-intensive tasks for the weekend, for instance, mowing the lawn or cleaning floors. Alternating tasks each week ensures no one feels their assignment is unfair.
  • Hire a maid. It might sound expensive, but major cities across the nation have seen a rise in contract work to meet the demands of its residents. From home grocery delivery to maid and cleaning services Houston is no exception. Trusted professionals can be available in as soon as 24 hours, and help is more affordable than you think.

Ways to Keep the House Clean While Working Full Time

It sometimes feels like an unachievable goal. Maintaining all of life’s demands outside of the home in addition to sustaining a healthy lifestyle, managing a social life, and getting adequate sleep, keeping a tidy home might fall low on the list of priorities. The good news is you are not alone. With just a few tweaks to your daily routine or hiring a professional, adulting in this bustling city doesn’t have to be so overwhelming.