If you own a short-term rental in an area that is highly competitive, your amenities can be the difference between a booking and a pass. Here is a look at some of the amenities to consider adding to your place.


This is almost a must in today’s short-term rental market. Wi-Fi will attract anyone with a smartphone or tablet as well as remote workers. It has the added bonus of allowing you to add smart devices to your place; this can allow you to change the thermostat remotely during checkout and use smart locks that guests can unlock with their phones.

What Amenities Should You Provide Renters?

A Backyard Cooking Area

Anyone who is coming to the area for the weather will appreciate if you can give them a reason to spend time outside. A well-appointed barbecue area can do just that. Make sure your guests have the fuel, fire, and cooking tools they need to start the grill and cook on hand. Keep in mind that if you leave them cleaning tools, foil, and other ways to prevent mess, you may save your cleaning staff some work.

What Amenities Should You Provide Renters?

Hot Tub

This is a huge price booster for a vacation rental, but it comes with quite a bit of additional cleaning and maintenance needs. Many hot tubs are power-hungry as well, which can significantly raise your utility bills and lower your profit margin. If you’re not sure if a hot tub makes sense to your vacation rental’s bottom line, talk to a professional management company like Skye Management. They will be able to give you their honest opinion on whether it makes a difference in your market.

What Amenities Should You Provide Renters?

Fenced Yard

If you allow pets, you increase your market share. The best way to do this is to allow for a fenced backyard where the pet can spend time off-leash. If this is your goal, make sure your yard is free of any items that are likely to be damaged by pets and your landscaping is free of any plants known to be a hazard to a dog.

What Amenities Should You Provide Renters?

Laundry Facilities

If you are trying to attract longer-term renters, a washer and dryer go a long way. It doesn’t have to be a big unit. A small, stacking closet-based unit is just fine for helping to keep your guests from finding a laundromat nearby.

What Amenities Should You Provide Renters?

Vacation rentals can be a lucrative source of additional income. The right amenities can make your listing stand out and help you to gain even more bookings with high ratings.