Las Vegas might not be at the front of your list of places to take a family vacation. After all, kids and “Sin City” don’t seem to be a good match.

However, you might have to consider visiting this city after reading about its family-friendly attractions and shows. Throw in a chance to visit the Grand Canyon, and you’ll be tempted enough to roll the dice.

But before you plan your next Las Vegas vacation, you must first know the dos and don’ts when visiting this city with your children.

Dos and Don’ts for Visiting Las Vegas with your Kids

When vacationing in Las Vegas with your young ones, it’s best to prevent them from seeing all the gambling and shady deeds the city is known for. Fortunately, most of these activities occur at night, so you can freely roam the city during the daytime without any distractions.

What to Know About Visiting Las Vegas with Kids

Things to Do When Visiting Las Vegas with Kids

Las Vegas is home to various museums, theme parks, shows, and other attractions your kids would surely enjoy.

Family-friendly attractions in Las Vegas

Take your kids to Hershey’s Chocolate World or M&M’s World, where they may design customized chocolates. You can even book a tasting tour where your family can taste all of Hershey’s flavors.

If they want to see the magnificent view of the city, bring them to the top of the 460-foot-high observation deck of the Eiffel Tower replica. Meanwhile, you will need Las Vegas show tickets to see performances from popular performers like Cirque Du Soleil.

What to Know About Visiting Las Vegas with Kids

There are even some exciting birthday party ideas for kids. The city has exhibits like The Marvel Avengers STATION, where your kids can see their favorite superheroes like Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and Captain America. You can also take pictures of renowned people’s wax figures at the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.

Furthermore, you can also visit the DISCOVERY Children’s museum, which has various educational exhibits and fun activities.

Book a hotel far from the Strip

Booking a room in one of the Las Vegas Strip hotels can be challenging as it’s often fully booked. Furthermore, the rates can be pretty expensive, especially during peak seasons.

If you are on a tight budget, plenty of affordable hotels off the Strip can serve as your accommodation. Many of these hotels have spacious rooms with excellent amenities and are generally child-friendly.

What to Know About Visiting Las Vegas with Kids

Look for kid-friendly shows

Las Vegas is filled with kid-friendly shows all year round. Your young ones will enjoy watching a pet comedy theater by Gregory Popovich, and magic shows from the likes of Nathan Burton. Past talent show winners like the Tape Face and the Jabbawockeez are regular performers in Sin City.

What to Know About Visiting Las Vegas with Kids

Get out of the city

When you get tired of all the hustle and bustle of the city, try visiting the Red Rock Canyon. The reddish rock walls and peaks are a sight to behold. You can also go to the Hoover Dam and witness this massive structure for all its glory.

What to Know About Visiting Las Vegas with Kids

For outdoor lovers, you can go to the Seven Magic Mountains, just half an hour from downtown Las Vegas. If you love mysteries, book an Area 51 tour and learn more about the supposed alien sightings in the area.

Begin touring in the morning

Do a little exploring in the morning while it’s cooler and fewer people are around.

You may see the city famed for its nightlife from a different angle by walking along the Strip and in other well-known spots.

What to Know About Visiting Las Vegas with Kids

Things Not to Do When Visiting Las Vegas with Kids

Some parts of Las Vegas are not meant for kids. You surely wouldn’t want them near the slot machines or tables in the casinos. If you want to enjoy your vacation in this city, there are a few guidelines that you must follow.

Don’t walk along the Strip late at night

While the bright lights of the Strip during the night are majestic, you shouldn’t let your kids roam this place at night. There’s a good chance they will encounter people in tight clothing and other activities meant for adults.

What to Know About Visiting Las Vegas with Kids

Don’t plan your vacation without consulting a calendar

Large crowds of visitors and residents frequent Las Vegas, especially during March, May, September, and November. During these months, the most agreeable weather conditions and best times to travel outside the city. Check your calendar to ensure you don’t miss important dates or festivities.

What to Know About Visiting Las Vegas with Kids

Choose the Right Hotel

When planning your Las Vegas vacation, we recommend spending a decent amount of time choosing the right hotel for your accommodation. Hotels in Sin City vary based on price point, amenities, and room sizes.

What to Know About Visiting Las Vegas with Kids

Consider the location of the hotel and the number of beds in the room you plan to stay in. You might have to rent an extra room if you have relatives coming with you. Never visit Las Vegas without booking a hotel room in advance to avoid any hassles.