Outdoor activities are in vogue right now as the world comes out of the lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and slowly life begins to return to normal. Right now, we are all dreaming of those activities that were once considered de rigueur, but we have not been able to enjoy over the last nine months. Suddenly we are at liberty to explore the great outdoors without fear of spreading the virus or getting infected ourselves.

Camping is one of those activities that can be enjoyed by all the family, and as we all have been stuck indoors, it seems the perfect pursuit of enjoying now that we are allowed to spread our wings a little further. The beauty of camping is that there are so many places that you can visit, from the bottom of your garden to the top of the highest mountain, and all of them offer peace, tranquillity, and a connection with nature. However, it is crucial to have the right equipment if you go camping as there is nothing worse than being cold and wet at the top of a mountain, and the most important piece of kit is your tent.

What to Look for in a Long-lasting Camping Tent

In this article, we are going to cast our eye over what you should be looking for if you need a long-lasting tent, so if you are looking to get out into the countryside to spend a weekend, read on to find out more.

What size are you looking for?

Tents come in all different shapes and sizes, and if necessary, are capable of sleeping the whole family. This can be a great option for family holidays to the continent because taking your heavy-duty tent enough to last many years is far cheaper than renting a proper house or a cottage. Maybe you are looking forward to going away with some friends for the weekend, so in this case, it makes sense to look at 4 person tent reviews as you would probably prefer to sleep as couples in order to have some privacy – you won’t want to find that the expensive tent you bought only has one sleeping compartment! Make sure you choose a size that is suitable for your needs, and remember that if you are going to be carrying it long distances, you don’t want to purchase one that is oversized and adds extra weight to your backpack, as you want it to last you many years.

What to Look for in a Long-lasting Camping Tent

What will you use it for?

There are so many different types of a tent on the market that it is important to know what you will use it for before deciding what to buy. If you are just going to a music festival, your tent doesn’t need to be heavy-duty. It just needs to keep the elements at bay and provide somewhere for you to crash at the end of the day. If, on the other hand, you are going on a serious trek on the moors or into the mountains, then you need a tent that can withstand extreme weather.

What to Look for in a Long-lasting Camping Tent

Ideally, it will have two compartments so that you can keep your wet gear in one area and then have a separate clean, dry space for sleeping. A further option could be a small, lightweight tent suitable for a backpacker, which can easily be transported around the world and will allow you to escape into the wilderness away from campsites and the masses. Whatever your needs, make sure you study what is available in advance, so you are as prepared as possible.

What is it made from?

The poles are one of the most important aspects of any tent because they will keep the structure rigid and provide you with shelter and space to move around. There are three main types of tent poles: steel, fiberglass, or inflatable.

  • Steel poles are generally used on larger family-sized tents and weigh more than their fiberglass cousins, so these are only an option if you are looking at a large tent that is mainly going to stay static.
  • Fiberglass poles, conversely, are light and flexible and have the ability to provide great strength and rigidity, so you are looking for a tent with these types of poles if you are taking your tent into the extremes or if you are searching for lightweight backpacking tents.
  • Inflatable poles are the new kid on the block. You will need to inflate them using a foot pump, and they actually offer far more structural strength than you might at first have thought, and being without metal is extremely lightweight. However, they are not suitable for all weather types and should only be used in clement conditions.

What to Look for in a Long-lasting Camping Tent

What accessories are available?

Accessorizing your tent means that you can add extra functionality to it, helping it be much more durable. It also becomes personalized, which will incentivize you to use it more. Look for a footprint that can be pinned down under the tent offering extra insulation in cold conditions or even a carpet to provide more warmth on the inside. A porch is a perfect accessory if you are hiking all day long because you can keep your filthy wet gear away from the main body of your tent, which will cut down on wear and tear and help it to last longer. A windbreak is perfect for allowing you a little more privacy and can also be a boon if you are trying to cook in windy conditions.

What to Look for in a Long-lasting Camping Tent

As we have discovered, you need to consider many factors if you are looking to buy a long-lasting camping tent. You will first need to consider what you need it for, as there are many available for different weather conditions, and then you will need to consider what sort of size you are looking for. Depending on the pole type, your tent will be lightweight and easy to transport, or it will be made of steel and have better structural integrity. You should always buy a tent with accessories in mind because these will extend its life and offer enhanced comfort at the same time. Whatever you do, do your homework, and then you will have the best camping experience possible.