People, it is summer and we are going on a vacation! But before the vacation we always ask ourselves the same question: what should I pack? Everyone will say, pack light, and pack the essentials, but it is not that easy. Going on a hot weather vacation doesn’t mean that sun will be shining all the time. The rain storms are so common and they may come in a minute and last long enough to destroy our perfect time.

Just because of that, we should plan and prepare for some surprises. Let’s pack smart and be prepared for anything. Follow our packing list below and prepare for your next hot summer trip.

Light Clothes

During our hot weather vacation we always pack light clothes, shorts and dresses only. No one thinks that we could get cold or anything. But one ice storm or sever rain storm could lower the digits of the thermometer. Because of that, make sure you always one at least one pair of long sleeves and long legs clothing. It won’t take much of your space, but will save you from some unpleasant time.

What to Pack for a Hot Weather Vacation?

Rain Shell

The rain shells are so lightweight and practical. You can have them in your backpack and in case the storm outbreaks, you can always put it on and protect yourself of getting wet.

What to Pack for a Hot Weather Vacation?


Being on a summer vacation, make sure your feet stays cool and dry. Because of that pack sandals or any kind of open shoes and pack at least one pair of waterproof sneakers, just in case.

What to Pack for a Hot Weather Vacation?


The most important things you need for a summer vacation are the hats and the sunglasses. Protect yourself from the heat and strong summer sun. Enjoy the beach with wide hats that makes a good shade and dark sunglasses that protects your eyes from the sun rays.

What to Pack for a Hot Weather Vacation?


Not every accommodation is offering towels. Because of that make sure to pack one or two fast drying towels. These towels are great because whenever they can get dirty, you can wash them with biodegradable laundry detergent, which of course is so light weight and easy to pack, and dry them in no time, ready to be used once again.

What to Pack for a Hot Weather Vacation?


Shampoos, soaps, toothpaste are essentials that should have a special place in your packing bag. During the vacation and the hot temperatures, makes sure you keep yourself clean and germfree to avoid getting ill.

What to Pack for a Hot Weather Vacation?

Hand Sanitizer

After the start of the pandemic, hand sanitizers became the most important thing you should have in your pockets during every single trip. Use them smart and often enough to protect yourself from germs and all kind of pathogens.

What to Pack for a Hot Weather Vacation?


For this hot weather vacation make sure you pack smart. Prepare for the unplanned rains and use your time fully. Don’t let the rain mess up your plans because you didn’t prepare for it.