You should keep your prescription sunglass safe and clean and at least have a spare in case of travel emergencies like breakages. Besides, you’ll need an up-to-date eyewear prescription to be able or replace the glasses on the go if they break or get lost.

So, to be fully prepared for your traveling with prescription glasses, you should keep these four things in mind:

  • Have a spare prescription glass
  • Carry your latest eyewear prescription – preferably not more than a year.
  • Hard case for protecting the glass when you’re not using it
  • Wipes and repair kit for cleaning and adjustments

1. Carry A Spare Prescription Glasses

You can break or lose your glasses while traveling. In fact, if you engage in outdoor activities, the odds of breakage or losing them increase.

But, you can’t afford to lose them because the prescription glasses are your visual aid. Any loss or breakage will mean reduced productivity and participation in your activities. As a backup plan, you should always have a spare prescription glass. It will ensure you enjoy your activities and perform them optimally.

But each activity, whether indoor or outdoor, needs specialized prescription glasses. Most outdoor traveling activities, like surfing, and safari rides, may need protection against UV rays and better sight quality.

When Traveling With Prescription Glasses, Keep These 4 Things in Mind

As such, your spare prescription glass should suit the activities at hand. Nike, Ray Ban, Costa, and Oakley prescription sunglass brands can come in handy for outdoor and sports travel activities. You can conveniently get your preferred premium brand online with professional guidance on what best suits your visual and travel needs.

Most trending brands have sleek designs and offer double protection against visual clarity issues and UV rays.

So, carry a spare prescription glass for any travel emergencies that may render your original glass unusable.

2. Carry A Recent Eyewear Prescription

If you don’t carry a spare glass, you may need to buy one during an emergency. Whether you’re at an African safari or on a beach holiday vacation, your may need to replace your broken or lost glass on the go.

However, most retailers only issue prescription eyewear if you have a valid prescription. An up-to-date eyewear prescription is necessary to ensure the refractive lens you get will effectively solve your eye’s visual clarity issues.

As we grow older, every part of our body changes, including our eyes. So, your eye condition two years ago may not be the same as now. As such, a valid eyewear prescription will get you the most appropriate lens for your eye’s current condition.

When Traveling With Prescription Glasses, Keep These 4 Things in Mind

But you can still get your glass online with or without a prescription. It can come in handy if you lost or broke your prescriptive sunglasses and didn’t pack a spare one. You can also get Oakley prescription glasses online.

So, you don’t need to worry when you break or lose your Oakley sports prescription glasses or any other brand. You can order them online if you have your valid eyewear prescription.

So, take a copy of the prescription and save it in your email. It will make getting a new prescription glass while on the go much easier.

3. Use a Hard Case for Protection

How about avoiding buying a new prescription sunglass by just being careful? Imagine traveling to a magical destination where you can not quickly get your glasses delivered even if you order them online.

The hassle of replacing prescription sunglasses is not only a delivery challenge in remote destinations. There are many ways your glasses can break before or during your travels. For example, your travel bags can sometimes be slammed or tossed around during storage. That alone can damage your frames and lenses if the glasses are not properly secured.

When Traveling With Prescription Glasses, Keep These 4 Things in Mind

Guy Sie, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You can prevent such scenarios, especially breakages, by being extra careful with your prescription glasses. Using a hard case to safely store it can come in handy. No slamming or banging can destroy your sunglasses in a robust protective case.

You may also neck straps when engaging in certain outdoor activities to golf your glasses firmly. For example, rafting or horseback riding has movements that can bounce off your glasses. Any visual challenge in such extreme sports can easily lead to accidents. So, firm neck straps can secure your glasses properly even if they look goofy.

4. Do Not Forget the Lens Wipe and Repair Kit

Let’s face it, getting the best quality sight also depends on keeping your glasses smudge-free and clean. So, pack a microfiber cloth with an eyewear cleaning solution to help you clean your glasses. Also, you choose disposable eyewear wipes. It will give you the crisp and best viewing experience of your travel destinations.

When Traveling With Prescription Glasses, Keep These 4 Things in Mind

CMBJ, CC BY-SA 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons

Besides, some travel experiences or destinations like the Dubai Desert or African safaris have a lot of dust. But you’ll need clean glasses to witness and experience these magical places.

Besides better sight quality, frequently cleaning your glasses can extend their shelf life.

Also, traveling and the constant movement of your glasses can loosen the frames. As such, you will need a repair kit with a small screwdriver to help you tighten the frames. The good part about of eyewear repair kit is the set is very tiny, so it won’t need much of your luggage space.

Wrap Up

Traveling with prescription glasses can be challenging. For example, cleaning and maintaining your prescription glasses can be tedious, but it is necessary to see clearly. Disposable wipes appropriate for eyewear cleaning can come in handy.

But, you must consider other factors too. Carry a hard case to hold the glasses safely against slamming your luggage. Have a neck strap that can hold the glass firm for adrenaline outdoor activities that may bounce off your prescription glasses like horseback riding.

If you lost your prescription glass and had no spare, ensure you have a recent eyewear prescription. With that, you can quickly order a replacement online and continue enjoying your vacation or business trip.

However, choose quality prescription glass if you have to replace it or buy a spare for your travels. Also, consider your lifestyle and buy a great brand and design that suits your preference. For example, you can choose the Oakley sports prescription glasses if you’re an outdoor person.

So, factor in your glass’s cleanliness, maintenance, hard case protection, and eyewear prescription in your travels. Bon Voyage!