Going travelling is an amazing experience, but not many of us can afford to do it in 5-star luxury. We can enjoy the beautiful sights, meet interesting people, taste exotic food and get some stunning selfies, but at the end of the day we end up heading back to hotels that aren’t quite as nice as they looked on the internet and try to sleep in a room that always seems to be right over a nightclub.

Of course, we’d stay in 5-star hotels if we could afford them, but they’re so expensive aren’t they? That kind of pampering and comfort doesn’t come cheap, so that’s why those hotels are for other people, like rich business people and celebrities, right? Not necessarily.

Top Dollar has looked into where you can find the cheapest 5-star hotels around the world and you’ll be amazed by the prices you can pay to get a night of luxury and indulgence. The cheapest in the world is India’s Novotel Ahmedabad Hotel, which you can enjoy for just $28 a night.

Where to find the Cheapest 5-Star Hotels in Every Country

The next most expensive is only a couple of bucks more a night, the Royal Surakarta Heritage Solo MGallery Collection in Surakarta, Indonesia at $30. For another couple of dollars you can stay a night at the Grand Mercure Medan Angkasa, also in Indonesia, the Hotel Ickale in Ankara, Turkey or the Raweekanlaya Hotel Bangkok in Thailand.

Where to find the Cheapest 5-Star Hotels in Every Country

None of the top 10 from this study come in at more than $40 a night, despite offering luxury conditions and facilities. Notably they are all either in Asia or in Turkey, which straddles Asia and Europe. The lowest prices elsewhere in the world are very different.

Where to find the Cheapest 5-Star Hotels in Every Country

Cheapest five-star hotels around the world

In the USA, the cheapest five-star hotel is the ADERO Scottsdale, Autograph Collection in Phoenix, Arizona, which not only has top quality luxury inside but also amazing star-gazing options because it’s part of a local Dark Sky Community in the desert. All for $224 a night, which would buy you EIGHT nights at the Novotel Ahmedabad Hotel.

North America’s cheapest five-star option is the Hotel 1970 Posada Guadalajara in Mexico from Hilton, which costs a relatively cheap $79 a night, though that’s still a lot more than the cheapest in South America, the NH Collection Bogotá WTC Royal, Colombia, which costs just $42.

Where to find the Cheapest 5-Star Hotels in Every Country

Over in Europe, the cheapest option is the Kupava Deluxe Hotel in Lviv, Ukraine, at $43/night, while five-star luxury across the continent costs on average $119. Elsewhere, Australia’s cheapest five-star hotel is the Meriton Suites in Chatswood at $112, while New Zealand can offer a night at the Delorenzo’s Studio Apartments for a bargain $85.

Not everywhere in Asia has the same kind of bargain prices as the top ten, with the Abuharee Grand in the Maldives coming in at $226 a night, while still being the cheapest option there. In Africa, the Steigenburger Resort Achti Luxor in Egypt is the cheapest five-star hotel on the continent at just $40 a night.

So there are five-star bargains to be found around the world if you want to sample that kind of luxury on a budget normally more suited to less extravagant places to sleep off a day’s sightseeing. Why not have a look and see where you want to try first?