The world around us is a fascinating place, but we only see a small percentage of it even through our whole lifetime. From exotic plants to huge mountain ranges, even the well-travelled might not see everything the world has to offer. Whether you are in a rural or urban area, nature is all around us.

Nature photography is a perfect way to show others the parts of the world they might not have noticed or seen for themselves. Many photographers travel the globe to capture the perfect image, as well as discovering new things on their doorstep. It’s important that we take more notice of the natural world and understand all we can about it, in order to appreciate it even more.

What is nature photography?

Nature photography is a vast genre of photography that can include anything that depicts the natural world around us. It can include animals and insects, plants and trees, landscapes and much more. Nature photography is typically always taken outdoors and showcases a passion for the natural elements of the world.

Why is Nature Photography So Popular?

A lot of nature photography is created for educational purposes, including scientific, travel and cultural reasons to allow us to see more of the world and understand it better. Similarly, photographers may wish to capture nature purely out of their own passion for wildlife and a desire to capture beautiful animals and plants in their natural habitats.

Why is Nature Photography So Popular?

You can discover a huge range of nature photography for yourself on photo sharing platforms, giving you an opportunity to see nature in other countries as well as your own.

What makes successful photos of nature?

If you’re hoping to get into nature photography or you’re simply curious about how it’s done, some of the most successful photos of nature are often abundant with vivid colours and incredible clarity. You have a much better chance of creating an incredible nature photo when you are patient and you’re able to understand your subject.

Why is Nature Photography So Popular?

Whether you are hoping to photograph a wizened oak tree or an exotic animal, it’s important that you have an appreciation of how best to capture your subject. Consider the lighting and the time of day, and the angle of your camera. This can make a huge difference to the final photo, along with technical features like exposure.

Why is Nature Photography So Popular?

Successful photos of nature often show something unique and uncommon, like rarely seen animals or breath-taking panoramic landscapes. Experiment with macro techniques and focus on tiny details, or showcase the big picture.

What impact can nature photography have?

Nature photography is so important to show the world just how important nature is. Without it, the ecosystem would simply collapse and everything would change. As climate change continues to be a huge issue around the globe, nature photography can show us just how previous wildlife is and why it should be protected.

Why is Nature Photography So Popular?

Nature photos can also inspire others to get outside more and enjoy the world, instead of being cooped up inside overworking or being glued to digital screens. It could spark the next generation of nature photographers or environmentalists who are dedicated to preserving the world we live in.

Why is Nature Photography So Popular?

What’s more, nature photography can be used in marketing, advertising and many more similar industries to help tell a story or get a message across. Images of nature are often used to help brands explain their commitment to sustainability, as well as promoting an image of an eco-friendly approach in their processes.

Wherever you are in the world, be sure to take more notice of nature and explore some of the best photography out there to learn more about it.