Why Polished Concrete is Considered Environmentally Friendly

While looking for polished concrete services, you would be reminded many times of how good a choice it is as far as being environment friendly is concerned. Polished concrete services are not too industrial. Polished concrete, over the years, has become more popular due to its extensive list of advantages. You can repair your exiting concrete surface with polished materials, and you can apply epoxy coating on your concrete floor. Such polished concrete services can make your floor durable, rust resistant and long lasting.

Things That Make Polished Concrete Environment Friendly

Raw Materials Being Used In The Process:

Reliable polished concrete services can use a few raw materials, and you must tell them to use chemical free materials for your concrete surface. You must remember that it is your call whether or not you go for something that supports the cause of “green”. There are very few products that are required during polishing concrete floors – the products being water based hardeners and certain stain resistant treatments. These materials are applied to the concrete floors and slabs. So, you can save the environment by applying such polished concrete materials.

Why Polished Concrete is Considered Environmentally Friendly

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Recycled Materials Can Be Incorporated Into Concrete Floors:

Some polished concrete services will tell you how they can help you incorporate materials and products that can be recycled, into your project. Products that are made of marble chips, glass or metal often get discarded. Therefore, these materials or components that would otherwise be of no use can be given a second life by polished concrete services.

Why Polished Concrete is Considered Environmentally Friendly

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Harmful Volatile Organic Substances Are Not Used:

While a lot of flooring services include the usage of volatile organic compounds, also known as VOCs, polished concrete services do not include any components that can be harmful in any manner. Concrete polishing is VOC free, and you cannot find any toxic material in these compounds.

Why Polished Concrete is Considered Environmentally Friendly

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The Right Aggregate Exposure For Your Polished Concrete Floors

You need to decide on how much aggregate you would like to expose for your concrete surface. Aggregate exposure levels can range anywhere between zero to minimal to full stone. Different levels of aggregate exposure would give the concrete floor a different look. With quality installation and choosing the right set of colors and concrete mix, the floor can be given a great look. It is important that you choose the right and experienced polished concrete services so that the finishing of your concrete flooring has the perfect polished look in the end.

Why Polished Concrete is Considered Environmentally Friendly

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The Right Level Of Gloss For Your Polished Concrete Floors

Once the grinding is completed, concrete floors need to be carefully honed and polished. There are different levels of diamond grit that are used to achieve the desired shine or gloss for the concrete surface.

Why Polished Concrete is Considered Environmentally Friendly

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How Would You Choose The Best Finishes For Your Polished Concrete Surface?

  • Matte Finish: Matte finish would be the right choice for you if you are looking for a rustic look for your home or business property. It gives you the raw look, which is very popular in restaurants and cafes.
  • Semi-Gloss Finish: Semi-gloss finish is a rather popular option and gives lustrous shine to the concrete floors. It is much easier to maintain such a polished surface. Most of the polished concrete services are good at this type of work because it is very common in households.
  • High Gloss Finish: High gloss finish is mostly desired in high end homes or business spaces. If you are looking for that ‘wow’ factor for your project, you need to look for the perfect polished concrete services that are experienced in working with high quality diamond grits.

Why Polished Concrete is Considered Environmentally Friendly

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So now you can search the best polished concrete services online, and choose the one after checking their license, insurance, and customer reviews.

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