When building a new house there are many choices and decisions to be made. Making the right window decisions is only one thing but it is one of the most important. If you’re not sure where to start, a company like Seneca Creek Home Improvement can help you with those decisions.

First windows decision you need to make is about the architecture choices. What kind of entry door windows will you have, the bay windows, dormer windows, sky lights and high windows, window walls or stained glass windows.

Another window decision is about the style of the windows. Will you pick single or double hung windows or casement windows. You can always consider a awning or slider windows too.

The material is just another window decision you need to make. Are you considering of putting wood windows or vinyl?

If you ask those questions do not hesitate to check this infographic and and get the right answers.

Window Decisions for your House Build

This great infographic was made by Half Price Shutters and we want to thank them for the great information.