The World’s Best Cities for Coffee- and Tea-Lovers

Drinking coffee and green tea is a long-lived tradition across countries in the world for centuries. If you’re planning to travel soon and you still want to enjoy your cup of warm and aromatic tea or coffee, discover the best cities for coffee and tea lovers like you in the following.

Best Cities for Coffee-Lovers

Below are only a few cities in the world that you must visit if you’re a coffee fanatic and you want to try the best blends.

Rome, Italy

The people of Italy are known for their love of amazing food, and the same is true for their love of coffee as well. In this city, you’ll not run out of choices when it comes to cafes lining up the streets.

This is the place for you if you want to experience the flavor and richness of coffee in Rome where brewers are taking their business seriously.  Enjoy your cup of mildly sweetened black coffee with friends on a lazy afternoon.

Havana, Cuba

Your trip to Cuba won’t be complete without visiting Havana and enjoying your warm cup of strong and sweet coffee popularly known as Café Cubano – their version of brewed espresso with sugar.

But if you want some twist to your black espresso coffee, you might also want to try their espresso shot with milk, also called cortadito.

Melbourne, Australia

A city known for hosting annual coffee expos, Melbourne should definitely be a part of your places to visit if you love coffee. Locals and foreigners alike love coffee drinks with milk and lattes.

Vienna, Austria

You can easily fall in love in this Austrian city for its vibrancy and old world feel.  The prime location for coffee lovers here is the Café Central where to find lines and lines of patrons especially on a cold day when the locals crave for the best coffee aside from delicious food.

Taipei, Taiwan

This is another interesting destination not only for temples but also for caffeine.  One famous place here is the Rufous Coffee, which offers exquisite coffee and a cozy ambience, letting you consume your coffee in comfort.

Best Cities for Tea-Lovers

If there are the best cities for coffee lovers, there are also the world’s best cities for tea lovers! Check them out in the following.

Tregothnan, Cornwall, England

In this city, you won’t just enjoy your warm cup of tea but also a leisurely walk through the tea leaves!  Located outside of Truro is the estate of Tregothnan that has been known for selling its garden grown tea for more than 10 years.

Tea grows here ideally for its awesome microclimate, allowing Camellia sinensis to thrive versus in any other place in the United Kingdom do. However, you must prepare an entrance fee in a private garden that starts at £65. But then, this cost might not be at all a concern if you love tea.

Corrientes, Argentina

You might be surprised that the UK isn’t the biggest tea-consuming nation, but Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina. Yerba Mate, a type of herbal tea is the popular tea in these South American countries. But if you would like to get the most out of tea, you should book a tour and head to Corrientes, Argentina for an idea of its tea origins and a taste of their famous tea.

Chach Coati [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka

Known as Little England, Nuwara Eliya is famous for its massive tea plantations especially in the Pedro Estate located near the country’s capital. The most famous tea, Ceylon tea, is characterized for its golden color.  This tea is also the most important export of Sri Lanka.

žába [CC BY 3.0]

A visit to the hill stations will not just give you amazing scenery but also an idea into the history of the country’s tea pickers. Sri Lanka is the world’s fourth largest producer and exporter of tea such as the Ceylon black tea.

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

If you’re looking for a colonial vibe, check out the Cameron Highlands that offer a warmer climate as well.  It is a popular destination for its Boh Tea Plantation. But instead of tea pickers, machineries are used to harvest tea, which bushes are cut down instead of being manually picked by hand.

It is also one of the reasons the plantation landscapes in this city look different from other tea plantations in the Asian region.

Hangzhou, China

Hangzhou is a popular tourist destination in China not only for its rich imperial capital history but also for tea. And if you would like to explore more of its local tea and culture, you might also want to visit the Hangzhou Tea Museum.

The Dragon Well is one of their famous teas that grow in the Zhejiang Province located in the eastern section of the country and near the Pacific Ocean.

There you have your guide if you’re in the search for the world’s best cities for coffee and tea lovers. So if you’re planning for your next trip but still want your daily cuppa, don’t miss out these cities for your quest to the finest coffee and tea blends in the world.

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