101 DIY Projects How To Make Your Home Better Place For Living (Part 1)

You don’t require a fat plan to give your home a perceptible help. Invest a little and get an enormous change in how your home looks and feels. These projects are not only for the eye but they are also a great idea how to make you home and garden a safer place. We are here to present you some ideas.

…Pebble Mosaic Walk Way…

...pebble mosaic walk way...

Everyone Need This In The Kitchen


Build a Simple Gazebo


Add Photo Slides To a Vertical Lamp with Mod-podge

add photo slides to a vertical lamp with mod-podge

Amazing Deck Design

amazing deck design

Bunk Beds With a Slide

bunk beds with a slide

Cut an Antique Door in Half and Add Shelves

cut an antique door in half and add shelves

DIY Product for your Garden

DIY product for your garden

DIY Stone Wall Hooks!

DIY stone wall hooks!

Fantastic Design

fantastic design

Fire Pit

fire pit

Flower Ball Bouquet

flower ball bouquet!

I do Get Tired of Reaching For a New Roll All The Time

I do get tired of reaching for a new roll all the time

Love This Rustic Picture Frame

love this rustic picture frame

Moon Crib…

moon crib! so cute

Mosaic Stepping Stones

Mosaic Stepping Stones

Natural Wood Counter

natural wood counter

Wine Barrels Into Baby Cradles

ne barrels into baby cradles

This is a Cozy Corner

now this is a cozy corner

Pallet Inspiration

pallet inspiration

Potted Candle Planters

Potted Candle Planters

Rope Stair Rail, Tacky or Cool…

rope stair rail, tacky or cool...

Small Hillside Yard… Build Play Area. You’re Kids will Like This!

small hillside yard... build play area like this

Sometimes The Simple Things Are Best

sometimes it's the simple things that are best

Spiral Planter for Herbs

spiral planter for herbs

Stack em High

stack em high

Stone Work

stone work

Tie Yarn Around a Paint Roller for an Awesome Effect

tie yarn around a paint roller for an awesome effec

Under-lit Pallet Bed

under-lit pallet bed

Welded Silverware Garden Flowers

Welded Silverware Garden Flowers

Wine Bottle Vertical Planter

wine bottle vertical planter

Wine Crate Coffee Table

Wine Crate Coffee Table

Wood Slice Pavers

wood slice pavers


Here Is Link To Part 2

Here Is Link to Part 3

  • stickler

    i love most of these. the toilet paper tree was splendiferous.

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